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Tope 10: Lucha Underground (Nov. 9, 2016)

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Each and every episode of Lucha Underground features maneuvers, quotes, outfits, props, scenes, and stories that deserve recognition. That is where the Tope 10 comes in. This list shows appreciation for the moments which are more exciting than a flying tope.

If you are new to the Lucha Underground scene, you can catch it Wednesdays at 8pm ET/PT on the El Rey Network or buy seasons one, two, and three on iTunes. See if El Rey is available in your area.

If you haven't had a chance to watch this week's episode yet, check out the preview, live blog & open thread, recap, highlight package, and the fight of the week.

Before we get the party started, I have to give verbal applause for the great episode this week. It was the best episode in a long time. There were so many memorable moments. Both the Believer's Backlash II and Grave Consequences III could have had Tope 10s of their own. Some moments that need to be mentioned are the Arrogance tribute to Rick Martel, Killshot's handstand, aerial attacks from Argenis and Dante Fox, Matanza's war clap, and the slobbery kiss between Mil Muertes and Catrina.

10. Cardboard decapitation

I love Famous B selling it like his own head got chopped off. Mascarita Sagrada makes the moment even better by replacing the head with his own.

Afterward, Son of Havoc handed over a vest for Mascarita to be part of his motorcycle club. It is time to recruit a third and go after the Trios championships. Texano could be interesting. He would be the muscle. I assume Texano will be losing to Cage, so joining them would give him a story and keep him in a featured role. Knowing Dario Cueto, they'll probably get paired with Ivelisse's current boyfriend, Jeremiah Crane. Who would you like to see team up with Son of Havoc and Mascarita Sagrada?

9. Drago's bathroom saga continues

More bombshells of information got dropped, plus a sweet little kung fu duel. Drago was not a member of the snake tribe, only a slave. And apparently, Daga was torn apart by Lord Pindar. Poor guy. I already have a dislike for Lord Pinhead. It concluded with a threat from Kobra Moon, "He'll make you kneel before me and call me your queen."

This is shaping up to be one awesome side story. I don't even care about settling it in the ring. I'd rather see how this story plays out in the fantastical Lucha Underground universe beyond the Temple.

Also, umm, I guess Drago has been in the bathroom for weeks just practicing nunchucks. I'm starting to wonder if maybe he was hard up for cash, so Dario Cueto gave him a side job as the bathroom attendant. It must cost alot of money to satiate the appetite of a dragon.

8. Picture saved, picture smashed

A super silly moment. Famous B didn't want to sacrifice the beautiful framed photo of himself. Unfortunately for him, Mascarita Sagrada had other ideas.

The Believer's Backlash match was full of silly moments such as Mascarita Sagrada charging in football gear, Famous B play a little music with polo sticks on a trash can containing Mascarita, bowling a ball into B's crotch, Beautiful Brenda using oversized scissors to free B, and Matt Striker getting to use the cream pie double entendre. This will go down as one of my favorite entertainment matches in Lucha Underground, right behind the Ultima Lucha bouts between Cage and Mack.

7. Super chokeslam

I'll let Vampiro do the talking, "He just chokeslammed him by the larynx from the top rope through the tables to the concrete floor. That is probably the closest to hell you can become."

6. Little ladder on a big table

An enjoyable visual. The elbow drop connected with major air and plenty of gusto. I also enjoyed Mascarita Sagrada teasing the idea of dragging out a big ladder but pulling out a mini ladder instead. Well played.

5. Spear

A cool do-si-do sequence with a brutal spear through a table. Bru-tal, bru-tal, bru-tal.

4. Your winner, Mascarita Sagrada

A truly satisfying victory. Chalk one up for the little guy getting retribution against a despicable jerkwad. Famous B may be entertaining, nonetheless he is still a jerkwad and deserved what came his way.

One interesting thing I noticed on the second viewing was the relevance of the shoe Mascarita used prior to victory. Not that specific shoe itself, only the storytelling it represented. In the recap introduction for this episode, there was footage of Famous B firing Mascarita. And how did B take out his frustrations in the beatdown? By using a shoe to bludgeon Mascarita. It's neat to see it come full circle.

3. Springboard somersault

In a match full of "whoa" moments, the springboard somersault onto the casket caused the biggest outburst out of me.

2. Prince Puma's Flatliner escape

Once again, I point to Vampiro, "Daaamn, man. Every single match that he is in, something new happens." It is amazing how Prince Puma has had so many matches in Lucha Underground yet each one has felt fresh in its own right. There has never been a feeling of redundancy or staleness. That is a tremendous credit to the performer.

1. Starting off with a bang

What a match! Grave Consequences III delivered in full. It began right out the gate with a bad blood ambush from the hero. The action exploded with Prince Puma's flying crossbody and never let up. It was a perfect fit for the character's motivations and set the mood right.

In addition to the other moments on this list from Grave Consequences III, there was also a rag doll chokeslam onto the casket, Prince Puma smashing the casket lid on Mil Muertes' back, a powerbomb onto the casket, and a Flatliner to the floor.

The best part of the storytelling was when Mil Muertes dragged out the same casket as the one in which they trapped Konnan. That is some cold-blooded stuff.

Who knows if Prince Puma will return to the Temple. If this was the end, then that was one heck of a swan song.

In last week's poll, 53% of 79 votes picked Prince Puma to win Grave Consequences. They were wrong. Dead wrong. 47% picked Mil Muertes to reign supreme.

How does this week's Tope 10 stack up to your list? Any favorites not included? If you were late to the viewing party, feel free to share your thoughts about anything in the episode. While waiting for next week, check out Ivelisse's new t-shirt at Pro Wrestling Tees. It's a shame she re-injured her ankle/foot. Best of luck on her recovery, even though she has already recovered in real life.

Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!