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Rudo Radio episode 67: Survivor Series just got some real stakes

We went from a basic RAW vs. SmackDown for bragging rights to actual structural changes to each show depending on the victors.

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Another week of RAW and SmackDown are behind us, as is an election that somehow involved the WWE. While this wasn’t a super eventful episode from either brand, given they were overseas airing taped shows from Scotland, we did get some intriguing additions to the overall Survivor Series story.

We know Sami Zayn will be facing Dolph Ziggler for the Interncontinental Championship... unless The Miz wins it back from Dolph on SmackDown’s 900th episode. We also know that, in exchange for the blue brand putting their exclusive title on the line, RAW had to put the Cruiserweight title and the entire cruiserweight division on the line against Kalisto. We could be in for a real shakeup before the debut of WWE Network show 205 Live, y’all.

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