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Lucha Underground Recap (Nov. 9, 2016): The Gravest Consequences of them all

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Lucha Underground returned last night (Nov. 9, 2016) with it’s last show prior to Aztec Warfare and it featured a Grave Consequences match between Mil Muertes and Prince Puma!

For the results of tonight’s episode, check the live blog here.

Rest In Peace

Mil Muertes was victorious over Prince Puma in a pretty awesome Grave Consequences match tonight. While in my mind it will be tough to live up to the brutal affair between Mil and Fenix in the first Grave Consequences, this one put up a damned good effort. (I wasn’t the biggest fan of Graver Consequences as the two larger men in that match lead to a more plodding affair.)

Prince Puma is always a joy to watch. The way he moves in the ring is seamless and almost mesmerizing at times. Couple that with the added brutality he showed last night, continuing to add the grittiness to his character. Vampiro, who was the one who talked Puma into this match in the first place, was selling that added edge on commentary. He kept mentioning how more aggressive Puma was and how that’s an improvement.

Unfortunately it wasn’t enough.

Mil Muertes defeated the face of Lucha Underground and Prince Puma left the Temple in a casket. Mil needed this win. Catrina told him that if he lost, she would not resurrect him this time. But what does this mean for Prince Puma?

Grave Consequences is not a match the loser comes back from quickly. Prince Puma is likely going to be out for awhile. Until then, we should wonder how he will return. It is possible that he comes out even angrier and grittier than before, fully embracing the darkness even. Perhaps Vampiro aids him in his return. Either way, I’ve become a big Prince Puma fan (he was a bit bland for me in season one but the new edge has me 100% behind him). I cannot wait to see what’s next for him.


To open the show, Mascarita Sagrada and Famous B had their Believer’s Backlash match where the believers were able to bring their own weapons from home. There were unfortunately no rolling pins.

This was much less interactive than when a bunch of fans whipped Hernandez with belts for 15 minutes back at the original Ultima Lucha. That’s probably for the better. That’s a lot to ask of any wrestler. Instead of getting involved, this involved fans handing Mascarita different weapons or Famous B just taking them.

The lack of crowd participation certainly didn’t hinder from the match. It was pure silliness that ended with Mascarita getting his much awaited win over Famous B in the middle of the ring. For those who could use a little of the lighter side after the last couple weeks, this match was perfect for that. Within a minute, Mascarita had donned peewee football pads and a helmet and ran over Famous B. Later on he delivered a drop toehold to B who fell on a big bag of popcorn he was carrying. Apparently, he thought a big bag of popcorn was going to be a good weapon somehow. (Maybe if he offered the popcorn to Mascarita and Mascarita got a small piece caught on the roof of his mouth in the very back of his throat.) And of course, B took a bowling ball to the testes.

After the match, Son of Havoc, who had helped earlier when Dr. Wagner tried to insert himself into things, gave Mascarita a mini biker vest like his own. The friendship between these two is everything. Ride free together, Bagel Bite Boyz.

Open Wounds

Dario Cueto set up a 5 on 5 match where each team consisted of members that had issues with each other. That’s so Dario.

One team had Killshot, Dante Fox (Killshot’s old war mate), Argenis, Texano, & Cage. The other had the Mack, Marty “The Moth” Martinez, Mariposa, Ivelisse, and Jeremiah Crane. The winning team got to participate in Aztec Warfare as the losers were left out.

The main focus was the continued issues between Killshot and Dante Fox. Backstage prior to the match, Dante told Killshot that they were going to work together and the men embraced. But that was clearly just a ruse because Dante stopped Marty from hitting a move from the top rope onto Killshot just so he could do it himself. Then he gladly let Marty pick up the win.

This is the first time I’ve seen Fox work and I was impressed with what he can do. Killshot and Fox should put on some fly matches.

The unfortunate note to this match is this looked to be the match where Ivelisse broke her ankle again. (This is the gif of the move it happened on.) That news had come out awhile ago so we knew it was going to happen eventually. Didn’t make watching it suck any less though.

Bathroom Etiquette

Hey, y’all... I think Daga is dead.

We learn that in another scene between Drago and Kobra Moon. Once again, Drago was practicing nunchucks in the bathroom in front of the mirror because he’s vain as hell. And once against Kobra slithered up behind him and confronted him about not being in their tribe (we learn that Drago claims he was a slave of the tribe). When Drago went to shut her down, she warned him that he didn’t want to end up like Daga: torn apart by a mysterious Pindar. (Poor Daga. Should have been more attention to Kobra Moon.)

Drago was shocked to hear that Pindar was still alive. The story with the snake tribe is starting to get pretty interesting. The little stories like this that add to the overall mythology of Lucha Underground.

Before we could get any more, they were interrupted by a dude who just wanted to use the bathroom. I mean, that’s understandable and all. Drago is practicing nunchucks and Kobra Moon is just slithering up wherever she wants. Sometimes, you just want some privacy when you go.

Another fun episode of Lucha Underground tonight, heading into the big one next week: Aztec Warfare! Can’t wait!

See you all then!

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