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Former wrestler Kid Kash calls out CM Punk for a MMA fight

By Tabercil, via WikiMedia Commons, CC BY-SA 1.0,

We still don’t know if CM Punk will get another fight on his UFC contract, or if he’ll head down to a local fed to hone his skills (or, what I’d do, stay home with his wife & dog and write comic books).

But another guy who’s taken a slightly longer path from the squared circle to the cage is ready to fight Punk whenever or wherever.

Former ECW, WWE and TNA performer David “Kid Kash” Cash has been making sporadic pro wrestling appearances on the independent scene since leaving Impact in 2013. He fought some mixed martial arts fights back in 2008, and will be returning to that game this coming Saturday at Valor Fights 38 in Tennessee. Marc Raimondi over at our sister site MMAFighting caught up with the former ECW TV champ, and their conversation turned to how much Kash would like to punch the Straight-Edge Superstar.

On Kash’s part, it sounds like a beef that goes way back:

How bad would I love to knock his ass out? I've never liked him. I've known the guy for at least 15 years, probably, and he's been such an arrogant asshole. He was handed so much sh*t. He never earned a f*cking thing.

His issue with Punk seems to stem from how he got into the pro wrestling business:

I'm not like Punk, who before he was a wrestler he was a video-game enthusiast, trading cards and stuff like that. And then he gets into wrestling, knows the right people and gets a push just because he knows somebody.

But it continues on to how he left WWE, got into UFC, etc, etc.

Could just be a worker pushing an angle to try and get a payday, but it really sounds like the 47 year old Kash wants a chance to kick Punk’s ass:

I would be there with bells on it. I would love to fight that f*cker, I really would. ... He would be in for a very rude awakening. That f*cker couldn't beat my meat; he couldn't.

Anybody want to see this fight? Can’t be any worse than Punk/Gall, right?

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