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Rumor Roundup (Nov. 1, 2016): Sasha, Eva, Paige, Maria

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Getty Image - Pierre Suu / Contributor

Speculating on the rumors surrounding pro wrestling is a favored pastime of many fans, perhaps second only to actually watching the matches. In this daily column, we take a look at the latest rumors being churned out by the pro wrestling rumor mill.

Important reminder: Rumors are just that -- rumors. None of this has been confirmed as legitimate news or fact, it's just circulating around the pro wrestling rumor mill. Remember, take it all with a grain of salt.

Rumors for the Day:

  • Sasha Banks was helped to the back by officials after Sunday’s Hell in a Cell match, and her not appearing on Raw is leading to speculation her injuries are not all storyline.

  • Vince McMahon approved the Women’s title as the last match for Hell in a Cell on Saturday night. Up until then it was pencilled in to be the Universal title.

  • Paige is considering starting a weekly YouTube "video diary" chronicling her life with Alberto Del Rio.

  • It does appear that with her Wellness suspension over and filming on her movie wrapped, Eva Marie will be back on SmackDown in the next month or so.

  • Maria Kanellis-Bennett says she’s leaving wrestling soon. She’s been in graduate school and planned on making a change at some point, but TNA’s recent issues are likely speeding up her timetable.

If you have heard of any interesting rumors that you'd like to add, feel free to post them in the comments section below. Just remember they are rumors and not confirmed as fact, so please take them as such. Have fun with it.