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WWE No Mercy 2016 results: Dolph Ziggler overcomes hairspray, Spirit Squad and Miz to save his career and become Intercontinental champ

The build to the Intercontinental title match at No Mercy was excellent. When the decision was made to open the show with the WWE World title Triple Threat, many felt the championship vs. career match between Dolph Ziggler and The Miz might main event SmackDown’s second brand-specific pay-per-view (PPV).

Alas, that was not the decision WWE made. Miz & Dolph’s latest, and potentially last, match in their long rivalry took place in the middle of the second hour, head-to-head with the U.S. Presidential debate many think the match order was shuffled to accomodate in the first place.

Beyond that, another theme was established earlier in the night via Miz’s interaction with another old rival - General Manager Daniel Bryan. Promising to send Dolph into retirement like Bryan, and saying he was going to demand another contract re-negotiation should he win, the seeds were planted for some kind of managerial interference.

Between the two legal men in the ring, when underhanded tactics couldn’t get a quick win for the self-proclaimed A-Lister, Miz began to target Dolph’s leg. That of course sets up the Figure Four he’d been taught by Ric Flair, and a submission win - signifying Ziggler giving up on his own career - obviously was something the IC champ was interested in achieving.

An exposed turnbuckle provided another advantage for Miz, but hitting it headfirst and then taking a powerbomb springboarded off the ropes were only good for a two count. The Show-Off found new life after that, and relentlessly delivered his finisher for a nearfall, numerous strikes and a sleeper which almost put the Awesome One out for the count.

Maryse again got involved, using her hairspray to blind Ziggler. Her husband hit the Skull-Crushing Finale... but Dolph got a foot on the ropes to save his career.

It looked like he might save it with a win, but after a big a Superkick, Maryse signaled the Spirit Squad guys for a run-in. The referee stopped them from interfering, but it created an opening for Miz to hit his finisher again.

Dolph kicked out though. And after the referee got rid of all Miz’s peoples, another Superkicked left Miz laying. One-two-three later and we have a new Intercontinental champ. And Ziggler’s career continues.

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