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Rudo Radio Episode 62: Let’s preview No Mercy

Becky Lynch’s first title defense, a triple threat for the WWE Championship. No Mercy looks like a stacked Sunday night.

Alexa Bliss attacks Becky Lynch with a desk at their championship contract signing. Original photo:

We’re back! We went on a two-week hiatus because of dumb things like buying a house and moving (sorry, my bad) and getting married (Nick says sorry for that, too). Luckily, we packed all our major life stuff into this two-week period, so Rudo Radio is back every week!*

*Until my wife gives birth in January and maybe I have to take a few days off or something but uh we’ll get to that then

This week, we talk SmackDown’s exclusive pay-per-view, No Mercy, which features a whole bunch of matches we’re excited about thanks to the wonderful build to them. Will fewer — but lengthier — matches work for the blue brand once again, as it did at Backlash? Let’s find out!

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