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Lucha Underground Recap (Oct. 5, 2016): The Prince and the Monster

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Lucha Underground delivered a spin, some abs, a white rabbit, and a fantastic main event. Plus, loads more of entertainment. Let's get to it.

Dario's Dial of Doom

Dario Cueto spun the wheel and Prince Puma was the lucky winner. Surprisingly, Dario showed zero trepidation about his brother facing such a dangerous threat to his title reign. Dario finished with a mic drop at the camera.

Ivelisse defeated Mariposa via sunset flip powerbomb

Ivelisse now has red hair. Marty joined his sister, Mariposa, ringside. The match was slower paced with close quarters fighting and the strategy of working body parts. Mariposa had the edge in control and was aided by the occasional interference from Marty.

At one point, Marty was being a creep by trying for mouth to mouth contact with Ivelisse. Ivelisse smacked him hard. Mariposa put the boots to her and demanded that Ivelisse apologize to Marty. Marty shouted, "Say you love me." The creep keeps getting creepier.

For the finish, Ivelisse turned the tide by countering Mariposa's finisher into something with DDT-esque impact. A sunset flip powerbomb cemented the victory for Ivelisse. After the match, Marty ambushed the winner. The siblings commenced a beatdown.

That was a decent match that left me wanting to see more action between the two luchadoras in the future. I like the direction of Ivelisse against the Moths. Ivelisse vs Marty sounds good and a heated rivalry match between Ivelisse and Mariposa sounds even better. It could be something special if they can work the story to get me emotionally invested as much as I was for the No Mas match between Sexy Star and Mariposa.

While on the topic of Mariposa, I would like to show some appreciation for her performances in the Temple. She is kind of under the radar in her current role of making others look good. She has been putting in quality work. Not to mention sacrificing her body. For example, she appeared during the Weapons of Mass Destruction match for less than one minute and fell off a ladder through a table. Mariposa is as tough as they come. I would like to see her win Dario's Dial of Doom and get a shot at Matanza. It would be interesting to see how physical Mariposa could get with the monster.

During the Moth attack after the match, I was really hoping Son of Havoc would have come down to make the save. Little did I know that that desire would be trampled upon a few segments later.

Dario Cueto and Johnny Mundo office segment

Johnny Mundo did his weekly complaining session about not winning the Dial of Doom. Dario said it was what fate decided. Johnny hilariously replied, "I don't believe in fate. Do you think it was divine intervention that gave me these abs?"

Johnny stated his case to get a shot a Sexy Star's Gift of the Gods championship by citing that she was pinned in last week's atomicos match. Dario flipped the script on Mundo by giving the shot to Jack Evans since he was the one who pinned Sexy Star. Touche, El Jefe.

Classic Cueto. I love how he wasn't trying to be a dick to Johnny. He was only caught up in matchmaker mode as he mused aloud.

I hope Jack Evans is fully recovered by the time he has his title match. That broken jaw is robbing us of witnessing greatness from, "El Mejor Luchador." I realize that an Evans win is going against the current storyline direction, but I want to see it so bad.

Follow the White Rabbit

An odd video with a white rabbit. Could this be another Aztec tribe? There was a shot of a symbol that looks like it belongs on an Aztec medallion. "Tick. Tock. They'll soon be here."

I have no idea what to make of this. I'm not deep on drug slang, but doesn't the white rabbit refer to heroin? Are these guys opium kingpins that harvest fields in Mexico? Dario's drug habit could explain the relationship.

Cage defeated Texano via Lucha Destroyer

Melissa Santos showed off her inner bicep development as she pointed one of her guns toward Cage during the introduction.

These two beefcakes beefed all over the place. It had a relatively quick pace with lots of moves and pin covers. One funny moment was Texano yelling, "Chinga tu madre, maquina," right before he missed a slingshot back splash. Cage had a cool transition from power slam to moonsault off the middle turnbuckle.

The end came after Cage hit a deadlift suplex and followed with a Lucha Destroyer. He even yelled out the move's name while executing it. Cage is now up 2-0 in the best of five series.

That match feels finer each time I watch it. These two big men got their heart rate up. I don't know how Texano is going to overcome for three straight victories. His only chance might be if Dario adds some violent stipulations to each remaining match. Even so, I'm picking Cage in four.

Jeremiah and Ivelisse in the locker room

Jeremiah was late to see his lady in action. He assumed it was going to be the main event. After seeing Ivelisse in pain, Jeremiah wanted to protect her by busting some heads. He proposed to enter the Temple as her backup. Ivelisse wanted to keep work separate from dating. Jeremiah thinks their relationship is stronger than the one with, "Son of Chaos." Ivelisse wanted to head home for a drink, so Jeremiah pulled out a flask and gulped it down. "Why wait?" In a disappointed tone, Ivelisse muttered, "Guess I'm driving."

What?!? Ivelisse has a new man? I thought Son of Havoc and she would be the First Couple of Lucha Underground. Jeremiah seems like a bad influence compared to the nice boy, Son of Havoc, who shares Bagel Bites with his mom. I hope this leads to a Macho Man/Elizabeth Ultima Lucha moment. Knowing Lucha Underground, the roles will probably be reversed and Son of Havoc will be the one hoisted up on Ivelisse's shoulder.

Sami Callihan is playing the role of Jeremiah. I don't know that much about Sami other than a few tidbits I've read here and there on Cageside Seats, but the first impression was pretty darn good. Sami definitely has charisma. I look forward to seeing more of him. His character too.

Matanza defeated Prince Puma via Wrath of the Gods

Power vs quickness in a really good match. Both men had cool spots. Matanza with suplexes and Puma by pouncing. Near the end, Puma had an incredible sequence by catching Matanza's jumping body smash then executing a Northern Lights suplex followed by floating over into another big suplex.

The finish saw Puma connect on his 630 back splash. That's when Mil Muertes rushed the ring with a massive spear. The ref was going to call for the bell, "Did you see what he did?" Dario Cueto sternly said, "I didn't and neither did you," even though it occurred right in front of his face. Mil crushed Puma with a Flatliner, then Matanza finished the job with the Wrath of the Gods.

This match was much better than I was expecting. I liked how Matanza was the imposing force instead of the pommel horse he has been in his last few matches. Puma was amazing. It has been a long time since Puma was in the position to put on a match like that, and he delivered the goods.

I wasn't a fan of Mil's interference. I'm not saying it was bad or the wrong call in any way. I was actually expecting him to interfere at some point due to the story being told. My issue was that I was so into the match after Puma's 630 that I became deflated when Mil ruined it. I badly wanted to see how it would have played out in a clean affair.

Vampiro sure seemed to be pushing his darkness agenda like a pervert. Not a sexual deviant, but a maniac of the sick and twisted variety. Hey, Prince Puma, don't trust this guy. He's only out to corrupt your soul for his own benefit.

Joey Ryan and Killshot pumping iron

Killshot was bench pressing when Joey Ryan popped in sucking his lollipop obnoxiously. Joey was wearing tiny shorts like they wore in the 70's. He delivered an envelope to Killshot. Killshot pressed for more info and Joey replied, "I don't know. What am I? A detective?" Killshot removed a burned piece of paper from the envelope with the words, "You left me for dead."

Masters of the cliffhanger. No doubt that this message relates to Killshot's days in the military when he escaped as a POW. This story should be a doozy.

Grade: B+

A very solid episode. Enjoyable wrestling. Prince Puma rocked. Dario Cueto mic dropped. A new character was introduced and others were teased. Finding out Ivelisse has a new boyfriend and Mil Muertes interfering in the championship match were both gut punches that took away all my energy. Joey Ryan in short shorts and Killshot's note was a heck of a way to finish out. The show got me up, the show got me down, the show spun me all around. I'm going to stop now before I get too dizzy.

What did you think about the episode? Thoughts or theories about the white rabbit or Killshot's letter? Who is a better catch, Jeremiah or Son of Havoc? Is anybody below 10 on a 5 point scale of excitement for Prince Puma vs Mil Muertes?

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