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Conflicting reports surface concerning Alberto El Patron stabbing incident

Well, what looked like a scary but straight-forward case explaining Alberto El Patron missing an AAA show in Mexico this past Sunday (Oct. 2) looks a little more complicated just a few hours later.

In fact, several people noticed discrepencies between the luchador’s Instagram posts of Monday night and MLW Radio’s version of the knife attack he says led to the no-show in Monterrey. These could be minor things - such as a car accident being central to the latter version but not mentioned in the former, and no reference to dining at a restaurant in the second report despite it being mentioned in the first - explained away by the trauma of being the victim of a violent crime.

They could also be the result of the MLW broadcast being a third-person account, relayed to the Court Bauer by El Patron.

But, as thecubsfan of LuchaBlog points out, the differences add up, and leave fans wondering what to believe:

The longer version of this story explains a few things that were unclear before, but there are things in the story that don’t quite add up to me. It’s explained Alberto didn’t contact AAA until the next morning because he lost his phone, but the report both has Alberto never getting that far away from his car (and phone?), and Alberto’s mentioned as wanting to charter a plane to Monterrey to make the show (but still couldn’t contact AAA?) Alberto is able to fight off and disarm a knife wielding maniac with his superior fighting skills, which is super hero stuff right there, but then maniac somehow just gets back in his car and leaves without anyone stopping him. There’s no details about attack or the car that hit Alberto, and there’s no news stories about this outside of the wrestling media that I can find. I know local newspapers are not in great shape, but Alberto is a celebrity who just got stabbed, an article about it would sell a few papers.

In addition to there being no media coverage of the incident, Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet has been unable to confirm the incident with the police, despite there allegedly being witnesses, police and paramedics involved:

Satin clarifies there could be a good explanation for this, and he’s not saying nothing happened:

But it’s weird, and a third version of the events of Saturday night, this one given by Alberto to columnist Leonardo Riaño of Mexico’s Record, changes more details. In the version Riaño wrote, the attacker is drunk homeless man, not a driver. El Patron’s girlfriend, WWE Superstar Paige is also present in this account, and is struck by the man who stabbed the former WWE champ (it’s when he goes to check on Paige that the man escapes, per the Record).

After initially slamming him, AAA is still standing by El Patron’s version of the story, which is the important thing from a business perspective. So far, these conflicting reports have mostly led to fans arguing about whether the ex-WWE wrestler is trustworthy, and debates about taking victims at their word.

We’ll see if it ends there, or if this becomes a larger issue.

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