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Report provides details of stabbing which caused Alberto El Patron to miss AAA show

MLW Radio, an outlet which has been the conduit to a lot of information concerning Alberto El Patron (aka WWE’s Alberto Del Rio), recently provided background information concerning the incident which occurred this past weekend that caused him to miss his Sunday booking for AAA.

As he shared on social media, El Patron was the victim in a stabbing attack. While he’s alright, the wounds inflicted did result in his losing a lot of blood and requiring multiple stitches when treated at a hospital.

Per MLW, the confrontation with a “criminal” occurred in San Antonio before Alberto’s Saturday night flight to Monterrey for the Heroes Inmortales X show. The other party allegedly struck El Patron’s car with his automobile, and the two men got out of their vehicles and argued. Because he had to make a flight, the luchador walked away from the other man, who’d pulled a knife and attacked from behind.

The wound on his head pictured in Monday’s Instagram post was allegedly caused when the man attempted to slash his face, but El Patron dodged. The cuts on his arms occurred while he was taking his assailant down. Alberto did get the knife away from his attacker, but the man escaped and drove off.

Witnesses reportedly observed the scene, and the attacker’s license plate was recorded. Police were called and a report was filed, but there’s no word if they’ve caught the suspect.

Because he lost his cell phone in the attack, El Patron was unable to contact AAA. He allegedly tried to charter a flight to make the Sunday night show after missing his commercial flight, but was talked out of it at the hospital. He finally reached the promoters in Mexico on Monday after they’d released their statement; the two sides have worked out the issue and the company is back in Alberto’s camp.

Thank goodness, it sounds like the former WWE champion is alright and set to make all his upcoming scheduled dates. Let’s hope this is it for “wrestler attacked with knife after driving incident” stories for a while...

H/T Wrestling Inc for their report on MLW’s broadcast.

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