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Will Famous B be adding to his stable?

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Last we saw Famous B, he was picking up the victory in tag action with Dr. Wagner Jr. over the Bagel Bites loving, middle finger flipping, motorcycling duo of Son of Havoc and Mascarita Sagrada. Thanks to Lucha Underground, we have an online video as an extra bonus scene from episode 8. Famous B came to the ring to discuss future plans of growing his clientele. See what he had to say...

As is the standard with wrestling, B didn't get a chance to finish his promo before being interrupted in the ring by haters. Son of Havoc delivered some witty lines while challenging Wagner to a one-on-one match for Wednesday's episode. Mascarita Sagrada comically joined in with some finger vulgarity and crotch crops.

At only 5 minutes in length, there were several enjoyable things that caught my eye and ear in the video. Matt Striker started with the line about Beautiful Brenda, "who has the combined IQ of Harry Dunne and Lloyd Christmas." Wagner never ceases to delight me with his deeply mumbled catchphrase, "Bien. Bien, bien, bien." Brenda also got a zinger toward Mascarita Sagrada, "You go back to Kindergarten."

Famous B was looking fly in his salmon-colored suit. I liked how B worked the crowd by telling them to quiet down when they were already quiet and also stating, "If you guys want to speak, you call me at 423-GET-FAME. As for now, shut your mouths." As entertaining as he can be, B makes it easy to cheer for his adversaries. I can't wait for Mascarita to do to some butt kicking.

The most intriguing part of the segment was Famous B announcing his plans to expand. I'd love to see him put together a legends team in an attempt to capture Trios gold. The super friends of Aerostar, Drago, and Fenix need some new competition. If Famous B can work his magic, which legends would you like to see him bring to the Temple? Is there anyone else in the Temple that you want to see hire Famous B?

If what you watched tickled your fancy, then tune into Lucha Underground on Wednesday at 8pm ET/PT on the El Rey Network.