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WWE Hell in a Cell 2016 results: Cesaro & Sheamus win by disqualification, New Day remain champs

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It looked like Raw General Manager Mick Foley’s odd couple tag team of Cesaro & Sheamus used their win over the New Day on Monday to turn over a new leaf. The challengers for the tag titles were downright positive about one another in the locker room, but things turned quickly when the Celtic Warrior suggested the key to a victory at Hell in a Cell tonight was letting him lead.

The segment broke down into a screaming argument, and from there we could pretty much guess where the evening would end up for the red brand’s tag division.

Then it was the champ’s chance to talk, with lots of insults for the challengers, and pandering from Boston native Kofi Kingston.

After at least ten minutes of that, it was time for actual wrestling!

Kofi got the night off in the city where he went to college, so Xavier Woods & Big E represented as New Day tried to extend their more-than-year-long title reign and move closer to Demolition’s record.

Sheamus & Cesaro isolated Woods, and employed a strategy of quick - if not always voluntary- tags. Of course, E came in with belly-to-belly suplexes for everyone, and got a nearfall with a nifty counter to the Brogue Kick into a powerbomb.

With Cesaro having been neutralized by a Woods dive, Sheamus fought alone, and came close to defeating both Xavier and E. The Swiss Superman came back, and put X in the Giant Swing. It looked like he had him locked into a Sharpshooter, but his partner broke it up. When the Celtic Warrior lined up for another Brogue Kick, he hit his partner!

A wounded Woods took his time covering. Things broke down even further when Sheamus flew onto all three members of the tag champs. That allowed Cesaro to once again slap on the Sharpshooter, but when Big E fought through being stopped from saving the match, a frustrated Irishman attacked E and Kofi with Francesca the trumpet. Kingston hit him with an enziguri at the same time Woods tapped out, but the referee called for the disqualification - which meant that despite a Cesaro/Sheamus win, New Day are still champs.

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