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WWE Hell in a Cell 2016 results: Kevin Owens uses chairs and Chris Jericho to beat Seth Rollins and keep the Universal title

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First off, yes, it does appear Sasha Banks and Charlotte will not only make history by being the first women in a Hell in a Cell match, but also by being the first to main event a WWE pay-per-view (PPV).

The Universal title match between champion Kevin Owens and challenger Seth Rollins was the fourth match of the night, after Hell in a Cell opened with Roman Reigns win over Rusev in the hell-ish structure. Those bouts may have been billed as part of a “Triple Main Event”, but only one can go on last.

While that decision will be debated over the days, months and probably years to come... how was KO/Rollins II?

To their credit, they led into the match with as much coverage of the apron powerbomb the champ delivered to Rollins as they did to Chris Jericho’s “List”, which helped with the proverbial big fight feel. And we could tell Seth’s back was hurt because he was wearing Kinesio Tape!

For the match itself, thing started fairly conventionally, but it didn’t take long for Rollins to set-up a table on the floor. Before it could come into play, Owens whipped the Architect back first into the corner and followed up with a big senton, targeting the injury. What’s more - he then ripped off the tape! Offense focused on Seth’s spine, and a healthy dose of trash talk - was the story of the first half.

Maybe even more than half. Owens punished Rollins for a loooong time, including launching him through the air into the cage from the ring, and delivering a big cannonball to Seth as he was slumped against the cage.

Rollins came back to life for a couple of kicks in an electric sequence which woke up the Boston crowd, where each man answered the other with kicks, clotheslines and lariats.

KO recovered first, and went to work setting a second table at an angle above the one Seth set up earlier. Before he could take Rollins over for the coup de grace, the challenger grabbed him for a suplex onto the apron, which he followed up by launching himself head first at Owens against the cage.

Grabbing a fire extinguisher, the champ fought off Rollins and then “accidentally” blasted the referee with the foam. That led to the other official opening the door - and Chris Jericho slipping in. Y2J locked the cage behind him, and Jeri-KO had made it a two-on-one handicap match.

Jericho was quickly neutralized by Rollins, but he rebounded to save the champ from a Pedigree. That led to the spot of the match, however, when Seth impressively lifted Owens into Powerbomb position and launched him through both of the tables which KO’d set up earlier.

A frog splash looked like the end for Kev’s title reign, but his best friend pulled referee John Cone out before he could count three. Rollins made it his mission to eliminate Jericho at that point, taking care of that with a running powerbomb against the cage.

The time that took gave Owens time to recuperate, and he quickly connected with a Pop-Up Powerbomb, but Rollins somehow kicked out before the three count.

Chairs were next, as the heel champ lit into Seth with steel to his back, and called for his ally to assist. Rollins fought back, but ended up getting DDT’ed head first on one of the chairs. Finally, Jericho set up two chairs for a powerbomb, and KO retains.

Adding insult-to-injury, and perhaps setting up a future feud, Jericho stayed in the cage to hit Rollins with a Codebreaker before the scene ended.

Perhaps most importantly, Owens and Rollins delivered a match worthy of being called a main event - regardless of where it showed up on the card.

Your move, ladies.

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