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Alberto Del Rio no shows major Mexican show, AAA comments


UPDATE: Alberto issued a statement, revealing he was attacked and stabbed en route to his flight for the show.

Just because he’s no longer with WWE doesn’t mean the drama surrounding Alberto Del Rio - now once again using the name Alberto El Patron - is a thing of the past.

El Patron was scheduled to appear at the Heroes Inmortales X show in Monterrey for AAA, one of Mexico’s two biggest promotions, last night (Sunday, Oct. 2). Up until Thursday of last week, the former WWE champion was promoting the show and his role on it via social media. He was supposed to tag with Psycho Clown for a match against Dr. Wagner Jr. & Pagano.

He didn’t show.

There’s been no comment from Alberto (real name Jose Rodriguez). AAA was not thrilled, revealing in a statement that they’d confirmed his attendance at the show as late as Sunday morning. The company, with whom the second-generation luchador said he was planning to work with non-exclusively, went on to say they regret El Patron’s lack of commitment. Their comment, issued in Spanish, also says Alberto failed the Mexican fans who were instrumental in making him a star.

Not a great start to a plan that featured working with AAA and Mexico’s other big promotion, CMLL, especially if a goal of that plan was to mend fences with the Lucha Underground-affiliated company. El Patron re-appeared in WWE last Fall while still holding AAA’s biggest prize, the Mega Championship.

We’ll keep you posted as to any response or explanation from El Patron.

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