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WWE Raw preview (Oct. 3, 2016): Where’s Fez?

Mick Foley on Twitter

A week after a pay-per-view (PPV) fallout show designed to not have too much happen during its three hour runtime, the red brand again tries to move the needle in Los Angeles! With no Presidential debate to guarantee horrible ratings, how will Raw try to make an impression?

The Headliner

After promising two title matches, it looks like WWE will at least deliver one of them.

The Boss technically got a shot at regaining the Women’s championship at Clash of Champions. But due to some botched officiating and the eagle eye of Dana Brooke, Sasha Banks’ friend Bayley was also added to make that PPV bout a Triple Threat. And since the Hugster was the person Charlotte pinned after a couple of Big Boots, Banks had another reason to continue to demand opportunities to dethrone the Queen.

Feeling confident with the first defense of her second reign in the books, Charlotte agreed to a one-on-one championship match with Sasha for tonight, just to shut the Boss up. But after getting the taste slapped out of her mouth and watching her sidekick Brooke tapping to the Banks Statement, is the Nature Girl second guessing herself?

With another live event coming up in about a month, there’s reason to believe this feud isn’t over. And as there are no stipulations to this bout (as of yet), a disqualification retention or other Dana-assisted possible outcomes are still in play... which woud in turn help set up another go at Hell in a Cell.

So, unlike the last time these two fought on Monday night for the belt, this probably isn’t where we’ll see a title change. But at least it stayed on the books.

The Title Scene

We were supposed to get a Cruiserweight title fight again this evening, but someone changed their mind on that. Instead, we’re getting everyone’s favorite - beat the champ to get a title shot! No matter, ruthless Brian Kendrick has been one of the best things about the rebirth of the division ever since he showed up in the CWC. And TJ Perkins is pretty much incapable of delivering a bad match right now. So we’ll let them do their thing, even if it includes contradicting themselves.

After dispatching Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows for good (you have to think) with a clean win last week, New Day’s tag team championship reign heads toward the record books. Can anyone stop Kofi Kingston, Big E & Xavier Wood’s epic run? Probably not - so we’ll just look to see who fills up the next 30 - 60 days of it.

Roman Reigns is out hear defending America, y’all. Most likely by continuing to fight Rusev over the United States strap.

And there’s one more title, although you’d be forgiven for thinking Seth Rollins and Universal champ Kevin Owens are actually feuding over Stephanie McMahon & Triple H’s affection. The Architect was held out with a rib injury last week, but he vows to be “ready to fight” tonight.

Other stuff to keep an eye on:

- Speaking of Rollins, his ignoring of General Manager Mick Foley’s order to stay away from the ring last week has become a key, but not the only, piece of evidence in support of the idea that he’s not very good at his job. Between the two of them, they may finally figure out why Trips helped Owens win the belt, though.

- Another thing many fans are pointing to is Foley’s decision to make a tag team of Cesaro and Sheamus when the ultimate match in their best-of-seven series didn’t produce a winner. The Celtic Warrior & Swiss Superman are due a tag title shot... provided they can keep from kiling one another while GM books that match against New Day.

- There are signs of cracks in the best friendship between Owens and Chris Jericho. At least there will be when Y2J sees what KO did with his $750 scarf last Monday. First up, though, JericKO will have to deal with some sitcom guys from the 90s.

- You’ll get a squash from either Bayley, Nia Jax, Braun Strowman or some combo of that group.

- Might get an additional cruiserweight match, but it’s possible we only got two last week because they didn’t think anyone was watching.

Four weeks until Hell in a Cell!

What will you be looking for on Raw tonight?

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