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WWE Hell in a Cell: Anderson & Gallows vs. Enzo & Cass full match preview

Tag team match

It's two wild and crazy guys against two reformed wild and crazy guys.

The Road to Hell in a Cell

Enzo Amore & Big Cass have been at odds since before the brand split. The recently promoted duo found themselves by John Cena's side for some of his battles with The Club. When the draft separated Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows from AJ Styles - and sent Cena to SmackDown with the Phenomenal One - the boys from New Japan turned their attention to the tag team titles.

That quest didn't go so well, and not just because Anderson & Gallows failed to defeat the New Day despite several chances. Because they tried to match Big E, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods skit-for-funny skit, the duo lost some of the fan support which had followed them from New Japan, as viewers were sure this was another act Vince McMahon either didn't "get" or would try to destroy since he hadn't created them himself.

Instead, the self-dubbed Good Brothers starting destroying other Raw tag teams.

Through post-match run-ins and squashes, Anderson & Gallows have spent much of October beating people up. With one exception.

Enzo & Cass aren't always goofy, but they rarely let anyone get in the way of their fun. Why, this past week, they even proved they don't need a microphone to party with the house...

In building from that Oct. 10 assault to this Sunday's pay-per-view (PPV) showdown in Boston, their have been a couple one-on-one affairs between Enzo and the New York/New Jersey duo. While it wasn't 100% clean, the Realest Guys in the Room picked up two wins in those matches, and with them, momentum heading into Hell in a Cell.

What's at stake?

A lot more for Gallows & Anderson than the recent NXT call-ups.

While it's a little premature to call the former Bullet Club tandem WWE washouts, it's gonna take a lot to erase the stink of their "Old Day" segment - not to mention all those losses to the champs. Even a dominate win here would only be one step on their road back to respectability.

A loss in Beantown would be really damaging. And there doesn't seem to be any reason for it, since Enzo & Cass are as over as ever, regardless of what the official record says.

Neither team would figure to be challengers for New Day, at least in the short-term. Amore & his seven-foot friend would be face vs. face, which wouldn't be the end of the world, but isn't ideal. And we've just seen the Trio of Positivity against Anderson & Gallows again, and again, and again...

No matter, you should be able to pencil this in as a win for the bad guys. But it's WWE, and for good or ill, that means anything can happen.

Find out what does by tuning in to WWE Network on Oct. 30, or just hang around here at Cageside Seats - or both! We make watching more fun!

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