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WWE Hell in a Cell: Bayley vs. Dana Brooke full match preview

Singles match

A couple of ladies WWE is reportedly high on look to make a statement as the rare second women's match on a Raw brand pay-per-view (PPV).

The Road to Hell in a Cell

The roots of this feud are in backstage segments. Dana Brooke - perhaps sensing her spot as a rising star in the women's scene is at risk to the fan favorite - has been trying to trash talk and intimidate the Hugster since she was permanently called up after SummerSlam. The fitness competitor found out the hard way that despite her cuddly persona, Bayley don't play that...

Tensions simmered following that scene from moments before Bayley's friend Sasha Banks defeated Dana's mentor Charlotte to become the Raw Women's champ. After Bayles picked up a few wins over local talent types, the rivals would meet in the ring, with Brooke getting a controversial pinfall victory over the former NXT Women's titleholder.

Whether Dana was supposed to get her feet on the ropes to make the win more dastardly - and less damaging to Bayley - is officially unknown. In story, however, the match is the root of a shoulder injury for the Hug Life practicioner. And it was that bum wing Brooke was looking to exploit when she turned a match she requested in order to prove the week before wasn't a fluke into an arm wrestling affair.

As long as she made Bayley use her damaged right arm, Dana could win easily. But lefty, the Hugster was about to defeat her, so Brooke went for another cheap shot. But, bum shoulder or no, her opponent was ready for her.

And so we head to Hell in a Cell.

What's at stake?

Seeing as how the red brand only has a handful of women on the roster, either competitor could quickly be positioned for a title shot. You'd think the winner would be first in line, but it may also depend on alignment and story.

Charlotte and Dana were headed for a break-up which looked like it would turn Brooke babyface, but then that angle just kind of fell by the wayside. It could easily be picked back up and utilized with either outcome from either match on Oct. 30 in Boston, with the bigger question about Dana likely being should she play a good girl - not did she win at Hell in a Cell.

Bayley's an interesting case. What she needs more than a win is a direction. Whether she brought it with her from NXT or because of her natural charisma, she's been popular with main roster crowds since her call-up. But this program seems to be testing the limits of that popularity. Audiences want to cheer her on to something, and arm wrestling wins over Dana ain't enough.

A win for either would be nice, and can be taken as a small sign of what the powers-that-be have in mind for them. For Brooke, it would be equally good for her to get through this, her PPV singles debut, without a major botch or mental error.

But for both women, it's how - or if - this helps establish their next feud that counts the most.

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