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WWE Hell in a Cell: Cruiserweight six-man full match preview

Six-man Kickoff match

Does it seem like these are just six guys thrown together for a fast-paced match on the pre-show? That's probably because it's definitely that. Question is... can it be more?

The Road to Hell in a Cell

Coming out of the Cruiserweight Classic (CWC), hopes were high for the new division on Raw. And while no one is quite ready to write off the whole idea, it's safe to say it hasn't achieved those early lofty projections.

What little storytelling there's been for the cruisers has been focused on champion TJ Perkins and his main rival Brian Kendrick (who remains #1 contender despite a loss to Rich Swann on the last episode of Raw, but that's really neither here nor there for the match at hand). The rest of the scene has traded wins and loses on Monday nights, whenever they're not working for NXT.

That's how we get the usual generic hype from WWE for this bout. Their preview points out the parity among the cruiserweights, because there's not much else to distinguish any of the men in the division.

Sin Cara just joined their ranks a few weeks ago, and instantly became one of - if not the - most identifiable guys on the scene. He was a good guy as a Lucha Dragon, so we can assume he's still a face here. Cedric Alexander has teamed with Perkins, and Drew Gulak & Tony Nese have worked with Kendrick, so we can extrapolate their alignments from that. Ariya Daivari fought TJ, and he's a Daivari, so naturally, he's a heel.

Lince Dorado is a bit of a wild card. He teamed with Gulak against Cedric & Swann just a month ago, but even then seemed like a nice guy...

The bright side is that all six guys can go. In fact, while he might be the most well-known name at least among WWE fans, Sin Cara is on the lower end of the spectrum in terms of work rate in this group. We're set for a fun showcase for a variety of styles on Hell in a Cell's Kickoff show.

Will it get more people to care, though?

What's at stake?

It's undoubtedly cool to see guys you used to have follow EVOLVE to catch working on WWE's flagship brand. You've got to be happy they're getting a paycheck and the kind of spotlight which can change a career - even if they don't stick around on Raw.

A lot of fans, and probably the performers themselves, are looking for more, however., in their write-up of this six-man tag, claims each man is looking to make an impression on management and "move one step closer to an eventual Cruiserweight Title opportunity".

Can they break out and create a memory which will cause a viewer to anxiously await the next time they're on Raw?

So far, the company hasn't shown much aptitude for making individual cruiserweights stars. It seems it's going to be up to the wrestlers to do it for themselves.

Cedric Alexander, Lince Dorado, Sin Cara, Ariya Daivari, Drew Gulak and Tony Nese get another shot tonight on WWE Network, YouTube and other platforms - including right here at Cageside Seats - on Oct. 30 in Boston.

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