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Rudo Radio episode 65: Previewing Hell in a Cell

SmackDown was great, RAW was awful, and Hell in a Cell needs to make us forget about that second thing.

Sasha Banks and Charlotte sign the contract for a Women's Championship match. Original photo:

On this week’s episode of Rudo Radio, Nick Bond and myself discuss an entertaining episode of SmackDown, a deeper dive on why the blue brand so consistently works for us, and what made this week’s episode of RAW such a colossal waste of three hours of all of our lives.

Yes, it finally happened: an episode of RAW came along that was so bad and so pointless that even the general optimism of Rudo Radio’s hosts was not enough to endure. Luckily, Hell in a Cell is on Sunday, and there’s a good chance that can help heal the wounds that Monday’s show ripped open.

We previewed Hell in a Cell, despite not being in love with the whole “triple main event so we don’t have to put the women on last but can still say they’re a main event” thing that’s going on right now.

Well, at least that episode of RAW is over, right?

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