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Lucha Underground Recap (Oct. 26, 2016): Highway Robbery

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Lucha Underground returned last night (Oct. 26, 2016) from the Temple in Boyle Heights with the main event of Johnny Mundo vs. Sexy Star for the Gift of the Gods title.

You can find full results at the live blog here.


Johnny Mundo defeated Sexy Star to win the Gift of the Gods championship.

The deck was stacked against Sexy Star tonight. Early in the evening, she went into Dario’s office to let him know that she wants to face Matanza next week for the title and Dario reminded her she has Johnny Mundo tonight. She considered Johnny a good warm up for a title match next week. (A bit of hubris from the champ.) But then El Jefe made things much tougher. He said if Drago, Aerostar, or Fenix interfere at all, they’d be banned from the Temple. However, he said nothing about Johnny’s World Wide Underground brothers.

So no one should have been surprised that when referee Marty Elias went down by an errant spear from Johnny, his friends came down for a triple team on the champion. Lucky for Sexy, her friend Mack was not banned from ringside and he helped even the score for a bit with Stunners galore.

But Johnny had other tricks up his sleeve, specific brass knucks in his pants. He tried to use a chair in front of the referee who removed the chair. That gave Mundo the chance to land the knock out blow to Sexy Star.

1-2-3. New champion.

Mundo is the closest to a title match than he has been in awhile. Don’t expect him to emulate Sexy Star and cash this in soon. Johnny is too smart for that. He’ll wait until after Aztec Warfare and then take his shot. And he has his friends and his boss to thank for the opportunity.

A Couple Who Slays Together

Ivelisse’s boyfriend Jeremiah is back in the Temple and that dude seems like trouble. And I’m pretty sure that Ivelisse doesn’t even care for him that much.

After Ivelisse lost to Marty “The Moth” Martinez, who had his sister Mariposa in his corner, Jeremiah ran into the ring and started fighting the siblings (who weren’t actually doing anything wrong post-match). This ended up being the siblings vs. the partners briefly but Ivelisse wasn’t happy about it.

We learn as she is walking to her car that Dario Cueto gave Jeremiah a job and after persisting, Ivelisse acquiesces in working with her boyfriend. But she warned him if they ever have to fight, she’ll kick his ass.

Ivelisse ended up working alongside her ex-boyfriend Son of Havoc quite well. But Jeremiah does not seem nearly as cool as Havoc. I wonder if we’ll get a quick moment where Ivelisse’s ex and current boyfriend have a moment together.

Host Body??

Dario Cueto had one of his clandestine meetings in the limo with Councilman Delgado and this one got pretty pretty interesting. Delgado gave Cueto a mysterious box and then asks if he found a host body for something. A host body!

El Jefe says he has two specimens in mind and that person may reveal himself tonight — because it’s going to be the winner of the Best of 5 series between Texano and Cage!

The Ultimate Opportunity is to be the host body for some God like creature (assuming it destroys the soul of the man who inhabits the body)? Man, that’s is Dario’s worst opportunity yet.

Texano won with a roll up tonight, perhaps saving Cage from getting possessed by a God.

This Best of 5 series just got a TON more interesting.

Other Temple Happenings

Loser Leaves Lucha

After consulting with Chavo Classic last week, Rey Mysterio proposed a Loser Leaves Lucha match against Chavo Guerrero to Dario Cueto. While he doesn’t want to leave the temple. Rey can’t do what he needs to do with Chavo still around. Dario loved the idea. This match is set to be the main event for next week!

It’s nice that they’re not dwelling long on this feud we’ve seen before. It’s been brief and so far it’s been good. Now next week, someone is leaving the Temple.

Puma’s Not Done

At least according to Vampiro who told Prince Puma back stage that while his win last week against Mil Muertes was good, Puma isn’t done. He needs to put Mil in a casket like Mil did to Konnan (who Vampiro still hates) to get where he needs to be.

What is Vampiro’s game here? He’s up to something. He has to be. But as of now, we have no idea what that is. I’m very curious to find out. I’m also really glad that Mil Muertes and Prince Puma aren’t done with each other.

It was a pretty fun episode tonight. Johnny won the Gift of the God’s championship in the most heelish way possible tonight and Ivelisse is going to be teaming alongside her sleazy boyfriend Jeremiah.

But it’s the still that’s just around the corner that has me excited: The Loser Leaves Lucha match, Mil/Puma Grave Consequences?, either Texano or Cage becoming a human host to God knows what. That’s are some wild days ahead and like usual, we’ll be here weekly to recap them.

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