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Greatest Wrestler Tournament: The Field of 64

After an exhaustive period of nominating wrestlers, and then rec'ing each one you felt was deserving, the next Cageside Seats Pro Wrestling Tournament has its Field of 64.

And the best part is it was all decided by you.

That means you get to bicker back and forth with each other (and we expect lots of that) regarding the wrestlers who made it in and those who were left out. There's no questioning some deserving wrestlers were not included in the final field and, really, more than a few were left off the list. There's also plenty of debate to be had about a couple names that did make it.

Just remember to have a good time with it. That's what we're going to do!

Without further ado, here is the field of 64:

1. Shawn Michaels
1. Stone Cold Steve Austin
1. Ric Flair
1. AJ Styles

2. Macho Man Randy Savage
2. Eddie Guerrero
2. Chris Jericho
2. Undertaker

3. Bret Hart
3. Daniel Bryan
3. CM Punk
3. The Rock

4. John Cena
4. Kurt Angle
4. Shinsuke Nakamura
4. Chris Benoit

5. Sting
5. Mick Foley
5. William Regal
5. Dusty Rhodes

6. Owen Hart
6. Ricky Steamboat
6. Roddy Piper
6. Kevin Owens

7. Terry Funk
7. Edge
7. Jushin Liger
7. Triple H

8. Curt Hennig
8. Rey Mysterio
8. Hulk Hogan
8. Jake Roberts

9. Samoa Joe
9. Arn Anderson
9. Matt Hardy
9. Cesaro

10. Vader
10. Christian
10. Bruno Sammartino
10. Rick Rude

11. Andre the Giant
11. James Ellsworth
11. Kenta Kobashi
11. Nick Bockwinkel

12. Stan Hansen
12. The Great Muta
12. Mitsuharu Misawa
12. Trish Stratus

13. Randy Orton
13. Gorgeous George
13. Jerry Lawler
13. Dean Malenko

14. Seth Rollins
14. Harley Race
14. Diamond Dallas Page
14. Sami Zayn

15. Becky Lynch
15. Sasha Banks
15. Scott Hall
15. Ultimo Dragon

16. Rob Van Dam
16. Ted DiBiase
16. Antonio Inoki
16. Brock Lesnar

Stay tuned tomorrow for the announcement of the first round match-ups and, no, they won't be in line with what you see here as this is in no particular order.

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