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Brooke Hogan and other pro wrestling daughters looking to start their own company

According to one of TMZ’s patented airport interviews, this one with Diamond Dallas Page’s daughter Brittany, several daughters of pro wrestling legends are in the process of launching their own “women’s league” to compete with... TNA.

Brittany hedges on whether or not DDP will be involved - it doesn’t sound like he would be at the outset - but does list several other female offspring of notable wrestling names like Hulk Hogan’s daughter Brooke and fellow Impact alum Lacey Von Erich, plus Ariel Toombs, whose father was Roddy Piper.

And, of course, Jean Claude Van Damme’s kid Bianca Bree. All orchestrated by Christy Hemme.

While I’m sure there would be some interest in this - in addition to the legacy element, that it involves attractive young women guarantees some kind of audience - I can’t see it lasting long, or being anything other than a comic footnote in pro wrestling history.

Would you tune in for Hogan vs. Page, the next generation?

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