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Let’s sue TNA! (not really though, but just go with it)

Tito TNA

If you’ve been following this website and many other sites of this kind, a lot of people are coming after Dixie Carter and TNA for money owed to them, and they’re using the courts to do it. These include, but are not limited to:

These suits could and probably will directly impact (no pun intended) TNA’s future—assuming it has one.

So it’s about time we bring some humor into this. We probably shouldn’t laugh at the face of TNA’s pending demise, but if they’re suing for monies owed, why can’t us Cagesiders sue? I mean, besides lawyer fees and such.

So, for purposes of this hypothetical (let me stress this again: this is hypothetical and rhetorical. cSs nor SB Nation is in no way initiating legal action against TNA or Impact Ventures, LLC) exercise, if you could sue TNA, what would you sue them for?

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