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WWE Women's Tournament Possibly Coming to WWE Network in 2017

The 2016 Cruiserweight Classic Tournament of WWE was held on the WWE Network. It was not only a big success, but it became so very popular that the cruiserweight was added to the main roster as far as WWE Monday Night Raw was concerned. This was done immediately after the tournament came to a close. There are reports from Cageside that Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are working behind the scenes to come out with WWE Women's Tournament during the early 2017 edition of WWE Network, the question would be if the online betting sites would be creating odds for this tournament.

Those who watch only Monday Night Raw may not understand the significance and importance of this deal. This is because they usually do not watch WWE Network. Raw has broken off with the cruiserweights overlooking the fact that it worked so well in the tournament. They instead have started giving booking only for short matches. This does not help much because it does not show the real reason why WWE Cruiserweight Classic Tournament is so much fun.

Those who are not in the habit of watching the WWE Network are aware that WWE Cruiserweight Classic Tournament was big fun and most of the matches were extremely interesting and exciting. It offered spectators the choice of watching different styles of wrestling. This certainly went a long way in proving that being a cruiserweight is much more than just running and flipping around the ring.

The rumors surrounding WWE women's tournament could also lead to the same results. For many years now, fans believed that women's wrestling was all about skimpily clad women wresting in bra and panties. However, every since names like Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks came into the wrong, there has been a big change in women's wrestling. It has become more matured and has grown in statute which was never seen before.

The past saw names like Lita, Bull Nakono, Fabulous Moolah and many others who could match men in wrestling frame for frame But the division was restricted mostly to Japan. However, because of hard work of NXT and Triple H, women finally have a chance to showcase their talents and skills.

The rumor of such WWE women's tournament could be a step in the right direction. Charlotte and Sasha are all ready to fight it out in a Hell in a Cell match. This is a big positive move in women's wrestling and this could put women on even keel with men. If women wrestlers are allowed the same freedom which is given to cruiserweights, this could mean that women's matches are much more than being just another event.

It is possible that some wrestlers could be out because of contractual obligations, there are many other women who could add value for WWE women's tournament. There are many names like Sexy Star, Santana Garrett, Nicole Matthews, Cheerleader Melissa, Candice LaRae and Jessicka Havok who would make the entire WWE Network Tournament exciting.

Should the rumors be true as far as WWE women's tournament is concerned, it could be a turning point for women in professional wrestling. Mick Foley, according to Cageside Seats feel that Hell in a Cell featuring Charlotte and Sasha Banks will be a big draw for the event. This is short after we saw two women taking part in the main event on Monday Night Raw. This was the second time when women were a part of a main event. The first occasion was when Trish Stratus fought Lita almost a decade ago. Hence should WWE women's 2017 tournament be a reality it could mean great things for women's wrestling.

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