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Greatest Wrestler Tournament Nomination thread

CSS Bracket - Original Field

Back in the summer of 2012, when this website was getting nowhere near the traffic it is today, we did a tournament to crown the greatest wrestler of all time, as voted on by you. Stone Cold Steve Austin beat out Macho Man Randy Savage in the final.

How different might such a tournament look if we ran it today?

Let’s find out.

Last time out, we set the field ourselves without allowing for readers to do it themselves. This time, you get to nominate whoever you want to see entered.

Here’s how it works, for those who may have forgotten or are new to all this:

In order for your wrestler to be properly nominated you MUST follow this guideline. Any comment not following this guideline will NOT be considered and will be deleted to avoid confusion. There is NO budging on this. FOLLOW THE GUIDELINE.

You must first put "Nominate" before a dash and then the wrestler you wish to put up for consideration. You may nominate as many wrestlers as you wish -- but only one wrestler per nomination comment.

For example:

Nominate - Stone Cold Steve Austin

Nominate - Sting

Nominate - Doink the Clown

Each example represents a separate comment.

Before nominating a wrestler, be sure to check the thread to see if the wrestler you have in mind has already been nominated. If so, you can simply "rec" that nomination.

That's because "recs" are what will determine which wrestlers are chosen. If you see a wrestler you agree with that you feel should be entered into the tournament, simply "rec" that comment. You can "rec" comments simply by clicking the "rec" button.

Ready? Go!

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