A weekend wrestle round Wolverhampton & Manchester (ft. Special Guests from Chikara!)

Deep in the heart of Wolverhampton, off the main street, past a church, behind a parking garage, next to a loading bay lives a nondescript door. A few times a year this door opens up, and three flights of stairs up in a small warehouse room (Do NOT wear Mull Grey) magic happens. The Fixxion warehouse with it's nightclub downstairs and wrestling ring on the top floor is the home base to Fight Club:Pro and their brand of hard hitting, intense British Strong Style Wrestling.

I have been lucky to go to a few shows by now and trust me when I say they keep getting better and better. The level of wrestling has always been staggeringly high, each wrestler out there makes sure they all go at it top gear, and with guest announcements of the best of the best be it Zack Sabre Jr, War Machine, Drew Galloway, Mark Haskins, Tommy End, Sami Callihan. They've been slowly making waves for a few years now, and with back to back appearances at King of Trios, Moustache Mountain holding the Campeonatos de Parejas as well as the success of their mainstay roster around the country and even internationally such as Pete Dunne and Nixon Newell it's slowly starting to bubble to the surface.

This weekend they rock up in their home for two nights before driving up to Manchester to give us a weekend of wrestling. Three nights, two locations... oh and they've brought a bevy of guest talent along with them. The Princess who saves herself Kimber Lee and the Hot Property of Chikara's Colony Fire Ant and Strickland Shane all make the journey across the Atlantic for this one. Whilst Joe Coffey, Mikey Whiplash, Kay Lee Ray and a returning Jimmy Havoc pop along as well to make this one of the must see weekends of the calendar.

Pulp Fixxion: Part One

Friday kicks off the Wrestle Weekend, at the Fight Club home base, the Fixixon Warehouse. We see debuts, Chikara stars and some huge names from around the UK popping in to have a wrestle.


The hot property of the Colony, Chikara's own Fire Ant flies into Wolverhampton to face off with the dangerous superbeast Dan Moloney. Fresh from his split from Wild Boar, turning his back on him to break the Facesmashers, Dan looks to prove he can go it alone by squashing his opponent.


Fight Club: Pro recently kicked off their female division with two back to back Havok - Newell battles, but look to really kick it off with a bang with this triple threat match. Kimber and Nixon mixed it up way back in Newport as part of the Fight Club leg of the Chikara UK tour, with then Grand Champion Kimber Lee coming out as the victor, but a lot has changed since then, and adding the wild Kay Lee Ray only makes things that much more unpredictable. One thing can be predicted for this one though, especially with Ray's prior matches against both of her opponents in other promotions, these women are going to tear the whole warehouse down.


Flying in at short notice, Shane Strickland comes to the Fixxion to face off with the Calamari Catch King, Chris Brookes. Ears are not safe from nasty wet fingers as Chris will bring all of his despicable tricks to try and knock off the hard hitting Luchador Strickland.


The Kiwi Buzzsaw has had a pretty alright 2016 in Fight Club, standout performances against Zack Sabre Jr, Sami Callihan and of course his series of matches with Tyler Bate. And he gets the chance to do it once again with The Iron Man, Joe Coffey in what will be his first full Fight Club appearance.


The Superdon and the fighting heart and soul of Fight Club, Clint Margera team up to take on the Fight Club champion, Mr Young and Bitter himself, Pete Dunne and his newest partner the Deity of Deviance Mikey Whiplash. Trent has made it clear he wants Dunne for the title, and Trent will be looking for some revenge after the beatdown by both the Bruiserweight and his fellow Bruisercat Callihan. Throw in Clint as the perfect partner to counter Whiplash and we have ourselves a barnstorming tag match.

Pulp Fixxion: Part Deux

So a quick tidy up, a sweeping and some rest and we're right back at it on Saturday. The Fixxion still the place to be, as we get even more wrestling!


After what is set to be tough trials on night one for both Travis and Fire Ant, both man and ant face off on night two. Travis came up against Fire's colony partner Solider Ant multiple times earlier in the year during the Chikara UK tour, but now he faces the hot property himself. It will be a different kind of test for Auckland brawler, but if he's proved anything it's that he can adapt to any style.


Coming out of his night one matchup with Brookes, Strickland goes up against the Super Beast Dan Moloney in what will no doubt be a slogfest between the two hard hitting athletes. The young untamed power of Dan looking to put a sour note on Strickland's first Fight Club weekend.


And yet another rematch from London here, as the Princess of Chikara goes up against the vile, despicable Chris Brookes. Chris has shown he has no qualms about inflicting his depravity against a Princess before and, as shown in his recent fights with Clint Margera in Fight Club, time has only made him more sick and twisted. But the Princess that saves herself is never one to back down from a fight, and will give as much as she takes to try and put Brookes away.


It's been almost a month since the beatdown on Trent after his grueling match with Mark Haskins at Project Mayhem IV and Fight Club Champion Pete Dunne will have to face off against the Superdon without his fellow Bruisercat. The tag match the night before will have only made things worse between these two, but now that they have the chance to go at each other and it will surely start kicking off. Especially as a win here would cement Trent as challenger for the Fight Club championship.


These two have had a bit of a war up in Southside recently, and with the Princess otherwise occupied, it proves the perfect opportunity to bring some of that to Wolverhampton. The Fixxion will prove a playground for these two, especially the Queen of Hardcore who will look to make use of her surroundings to unsettle the home advantage that Nixon has.


After being on opposite sides of each other in the tag match during night one, Margera and Whiplash get a chance to battle it out during night two. Both participants familiar with mix things up a little, with Clint not being afraid to take it hardcore and against Whiplash, that may very well be the case. The match stipulation is still to be confirmed, with Fight Club teasing a no DQ match up.

Breaking Into Heaven

Sunday, night three, and it all picks up shop to a familiar haunt as Fight Club:Pro head up north to Manchester for the weekend finale. Taking over the Union at Manchester Met University, the scene of Chikara's Anniversario event 'The Chamber of Secrets' (The one with Mike Quackenbush vs Johnny Kidd!!!) as they look to end the weekend with a bang.


It's Ant vs Octopus on night three, with Chris Brookes rounding out the weekend by facing all three of the Chikara guests as he goes up against Fire Ant. Brookes already at a disadvantage here, being that you can not insert your nasty wet finger into antennae (without some weird docking act... but I digress) but he will no doubt get creative to do something as equally as horrid.


And the rematch from Newport is official. It takes place Sunday in Manchester as Chikara's Princess Kimber Lee takes on Fight Club's very own Princess, Nixon Newell in what promises to be an all out battle. Kimber is already one victory up against Nixon, but the Welsh Vixen will no doubt be looking to make that one a piece in Manchester. with Nixon having grown since their last matchup, travelling the world and facing tough tests in people like Jessicka Havoc.


Clint gets his hands on the other partner from Fridays match. Taking on the Birmingham Bruiserweight Pete Dunne in Manchester. Pete holding the Fight Club Championship only adds to this match, as a win here would go a long way towards a possible future title shot for Margera. Whilst Dunne will just be looking to bite and kick his way past the dogged death match veteran Margera who isn't afraid to do a little wrestle.


The weekend wraps up for these two athletes in a showdown between Lucha Strong Style and Kiwi Strong Style. The Kiwi Buzzsaw Banks is looking to come out of Manchester the winner against the guest Strickland, whilst the JML member Strickland hopes to end his debut shows with a high note against the ever impressing Banks.


Making their way up from Tipton, Jim and Lee Hunter are ready to fight and they don't quite know who they are going to get just yet. Whoever the surprise team are though, best be prepared for a fight, because with the Hunters the heat is definitely always on.


2016 to put it simply has been Trent's year in Fight Club... whilst he may not have won the Fight Club gold, just look at the list of matches he's had this year... Trevor Lee, Travis Banks, Zack Sabre Jr., Eddie Kingston, Sami Callihan, Tommy End, Mark Haskins... and now Mikey Whiplash. Whiplash is a stout test for the Super Don in Manchester, but Trent has the heart of a lion, a true bastion of British Strong Style and will put it all out on the line as he looks to carry some momentum into his quest for Pete Dunne's Fight Club:Pro championship.

Oh and this guy's turning up to... no word yet on the poor soul he's facing... but be afraid....


So that is this weekend's Wrestling festivities brought to you by Fight Club:Pro. Three nights, two locations, a hell of a lot of wrestling. Limited tickets still exist for all three nights and all of the shows as usual will end up on demand within a few weeks and with the pound struggling as it is, some tasty bargains to be had... shows are going up for £4! That's less than $5 per show!

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