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TNA forgot to pay their electric bill for Bound for Glory (GIF)

You can’t make this stuff up, ladies and gents.

TNA, who needed funding from an unnamed benefactor to even hold their Bound for Glory pay-per-view (PPV) tonight in Orlando, had a little technical snafu during the match between Aron Rex (fka Damien Sandow) and Eddie Edwards to decide the first ever Grand champion.

The lights went out.

Someone on the production staff was smart enough to grab a spotlight and light the match that way, which was necessary for fans to be able to see anything at all for about 90 seconds until the lights came back on.

Not long enough to stop the crowd at the Universal Studios’ backlot known as the Impact Zone from chanting “Pay Your Light Bill”.

For all the results from Bound for Glory, head to our live blog here.

UPDATE: As mentioned below, there was a power outage elsewhere in the Universal Studios Theme Park 12 hours earlier (read about it here). Obviously, we don’t know for sure what caused the outage, and the electrical issues elsewhere should certainly be taken into account. We were just having fun with the news - as did the crowd at the Impact Zone.

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