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This clip Chris Jericho shared of WCW stars on ‘The Dating Game’ is the best thing you’ll see today

Our younger readers may not know about The Dating Game, as its last iteration fizzled out in the late 1990s - coincidentally around the same time it was running WCW crossovers like the one Chris Jericho shared on his Facebook page this morning (Oct. 19).

For context, back in a time when even if you had cable you only had about 30 - 50 channels to choose from, and many of us were still accustomed to watching old movies, re-runs and syndicated shows on local non-network channels, game shows were as omni-present as ‘reality’ shows are today. And, before online dating or apps like tinder, we liked to watch people try to hook up - so we had The Dating Game, Love Connection and their ilk.

Anyway, you don’t really need that background to enjoy a 28 year old pre-Y2J competing against Disco Inferno and Billy Kidman for the affections of a bleach-blonde wrestling fan.


My jean shorts are CLASSIC! CJ

Posted by Chris Jericho on Tuesday, October 18, 2016

And if you really want to climb in the 1998 wayback machine, check out this Dating Game clip where the bachelorettes were Chae, Fyre & Whisper - the Nitro Girls!

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