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Hockey’s New York Islanders adopted the ‘YES!’ chant, so now Daniel Bryan is a fan

Notorious bandwagon jumper, and SmackDown General Manager, Daniel Bryan attended his first hockey game in Brooklyn yesterday (Oct. 16). The Beard was there to check out the New York Islanders, who’ve adopted his “YES!” chant after a small pocket of fans started doing it a year ago at some point in the past (I honestly don’t care) while the team was still based in suburban Nassau County.

Hey, a pro wrestling connection worked out quite well for the Isles’ rivals, and defending Stanley Cup champions, the Pittsburgh Penguins last season.

In another sign of wrestling/hockey synergy, Bryan led the crowd in his signature cheer after a guy named (Josh) Bailey scored the game winner in overtime.

Of course, there were hugs as well.

The former WWE champ also did a little press afterwards, and give him credit for not laughing out loud when Shannon Hogan (no relation) asked him what it was like to hear the Barclays Center “explode with ‘YES! YES! YES!’”

He heard 70,000 folks do it in the SuperDome, Shannon. I’m pretty sure he can handle some hockey fans busting it out.

Jokes aside, pretty cool, NO?


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