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Paige just proposed to Alberto Rodriguez in Puerto Rico

If you’ve been keeping up with the saga of the romance between suspended WWE Superstar Paige and former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio/El Patron/El Presidente/Rodriguez, you probably think nothing can surprise you.

This will still probably surprise you.

¡ÚLTIMA HORA! Paige le pide matrimonio a Alberto Del Río en Aniversario 43 de #WWC en Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, luego de su lucha ante Carlito Carribean Cool. Video: Luis Daniel Orlando. #PWPR

Posted by Pro Wrestling PR on Sunday, October 16, 2016

Yes, the British lass who may or may not need neck surgery and who’s taking some kind of drug WWE doesn’t approve of got on her knees and asked her boyfriend who might not even be legally divorced and was almost certainly really stabbed by somebody over something a couple weeks ago to marry her after Rodriguez’s match against Carlito at WWC Aniversario 43 in Puerto Rico tonight.

It happened during a show, so it could be a work, but based on Paige’s history of very public professions of eternal love, I kinda think it’s legit. The crowd in PR definitely was encouraging Alberto to seal the deal, and it looks like he accepted with el beso.

So... congrats?

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