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Can we stop finding a way to complain about fun things?

Last night, WWE had news big enough they couldn't wait to spoil future episodes of NXT television: Mickie James will be returning to wrestle Asuka at the upcoming TakeOver: Toronto event on Nov. 19, 2016, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. That is a very cool and fun thing!

One of the very first comments in response to the announcement: Should be fun but this underscores the lack of depth in the NXT women's division.

To that I say: Stop it.

Look, I get it. You can be simultaneously happy that James is returning and excited to see the match while also worried about what it means for the future. Yes, you can greatly enjoy something while also being highly critical of it. I've even advocating for this approach at various times.

But good lord, can't we just enjoy something very cool and fun JUST for the fact that it is very cool and fun? Let's let the so-called savior of wrestling, Triple H, worry about the depth of the women's division in NXT. He knows far more about developing talent and running a pro wrestling television show than you or I ever will.

It's like we've gone to a fancy restaurant but can't enjoy the delicious steak we've been served because we're worried about said restaurant's ability to make another delicious steak at a later date. If that sounds like one of the stupidest things you've ever heard, congratulations, your brain is functioning properly today.

Even if you take that silly logic and roll with it, that also gives no credit to the restaurant for all the delicious steaks served throughout its history. NXT has consistently delivered when it mattered most, they're going to deliver again in Toronto, and they'll almost surely deliver again after that. How will they get there? I have no idea, but they always seem to, and that means they at least deserve the benefit of the doubt.

But, again, that's for the pros to worry about. We are the consumer and they have served up a juicy steak to sink our teeth into. Let's enjoy it instead of finding a way to complain about it.

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