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Lucha Underground Recap (Oct. 12, 2016): Chavo Reborn

The classic villain

Chavo set out to remind us tonight that he is a bad dude.

His most recent impression in Lucha Underground has kind of been as the loser villain, having his schemes easily broken with little threat. Last season, Pentagon Jr. called him a friend and then broke his arm. Chavo had the Crew walk out on him. It wasn’t the best impression for historic bad guy Chavo Guerrero. Tonight, he went about righting that.

The show opened with El Dragon Azteca Jr. getting ready for his match against Pentagon Dark, a match he earned two weeks ago by defeating Chavo Guerrero. However, the Mexican Warrior attacked Azteca with a chair quite brutally (the chair assault was filmed from the first person as Azteca). Rey Mysterio soon walked into the dressing room and found his protege and immediately knew this was the handiwork of Chavo.

Chavo’s attack put Mysterio’s student in the hospital and Guerrero used that to try to replace him in the main event against Pentagon. It was an idea that the boss, Dario, was fond of until Rey Mysterio stormed into his office and called Guerrero a POS. (The mouth on that Mysterio!) Rey said that the main event should be Chavo vs. him. El Jefe decided to take it up a notch and make it a triple threat between Mysterio, Guerrero, and Pentagon Dark.

At the end of the match, Rey looked to have Pentagon where he wanted him, with the dark master down on the mat and Mysterio on the top rope. But Chavo, who was earlier neutralized by a 619, jumped up on the ring apron and knocked Rey down, allowing Pentagon to hit the package piledriver. This earned Mr. Dark the win.

As is his MO, after the match, Pentagon went to break Rey Mysterio’s arm. Rey knew it was coming and fought him off and started after his attacker. However, as he was about to fly out of the ring, Chavo ran into the ring and nailed him with a huge cross body. He then started taking a chair to Mysterio’s bad knee. (He got some mileage out of the steel seats tonight.) As he had Rey in the tree of woe, referee Marty Elias stepped in to try to stop Chavo. For his troubles, Marty got hit with the chair first. Then Guerrero attacked Mysterio, doing some damage to that knee.

This is a feud we’ve seen before. Chavo targeting Mysterio’s knee is something that was on WWE television a decade ago. But this is the Temple so it’s bound to take a different course.


Jack Evans got a shot at Sexy Star’s Gift of the God’s title tonight. The brash Evans was free to speak again and made the most of it. He dubbed himself the “Star Destroyer” for what he was about to do to Sexy Star on top of his existing nickname “Dragon Slayer.” You do you, Jack.

Towards the end of the match, Jack’s buddies in the Worldwide Underground, Johnny Mundo and PJ Black, ran down to interfere. As has been the pattern of late, the trios champions of Fenix, Aeorstar, and Drago came down to even the score. This allowed Sexy to use a kendo stick that the Underground introduced on Jack’s nether regions and ended up picking the win.

With that, Johnny’s plan of acquiring the Gift of the God’s title has stalled, but he seems absolutely determined. I’m not clear on what his plan was tonight though. If Jack Evans won, did Johnny expect Jack to lie down for him? I can’t imagine that would have actually happened, though it’s surely possible that Mundo thought so.

As of now, Sexy Star still holds the Gift of the Gods championship and has allies in the Super Friends to back her up. But eventually, she’s going to have to face an obsessed Johnny one on one.

Poor Mascarita (again)

Sometimes, it seems like life just isn’t fair.

Mascarita Sagrada and Son of Havoc tagged against Dr. Wagner Jr. and Famous B to get some modicum of revenge. Mascarita was Famous B’s former client until he was kicked to the curb after losing too many matches. He was replaced by Dr. Wagnor Jr.. Son of Havoc lost his Unique Opportunity last season at Ultima Lucha to Wagner.

Tonight was the chance for Mascarita to get that sweet, sweet revenge. The technicos came out hot taking it to their enemies, determined to serve some justice. And even though Mascarita found himself on the wrong side of the offense much of the match, he was able to tag in his partner, who evened the score. Things were look good for the Bagel Bite Boyz.

Mascarita finally had Famous B in the ring one on one and planted him to the mat from a fireman’s carry position. Son of Havoc then went up to the top rope to put the manager away. Unfortunately, Dr. Wagner knocked Havoc down, neutralized Mascarita, and to add insult to injury, allowed B to get the pinfall on his former client.

As of now, things still kind of suck for Mascarita and Havoc, getting screwed again by the boisterous B and his badass client. Revenge my be in the future for our heroes. But maybe not. Either way, at least they had a rad motorcycle/sidecar set up to enter the arena in. Famous B can’t take that away from them.

This episode reignited a classic Chavo/Rey Mysterio feud, which is likely going to be a “your mileage may vary” feud to different people. Pentagon took a back seat to that tonight, but picked up the win and he still has enemies out there, including Dragon Azteca and Black Lotus and her league of assassins.

Next week is Prince Puma vs. Mil Muertes and I’m mega excited for that. As usual, we’ll be back here in on Wednesday for all your Lucha Underground needs. See you then!

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