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Asked if she’ll return to WWE, Paige replies ‘I have to’

It’s been almost eight hours since your last Paige/WWE/Alberto Rodriguez update, and TMZ Sports was nice enough to dole out their street interview with the couple in two doses so we could string this thing along even further.

Sorry. Insider snark aside, this latest video includes some actual quotes from the former Divas champ herself - and they’re actually, probably good news for fans of the 24 year old Brit.

While she doesn’t sound particularly thrilled when she answers a question about whether or not she’ll return to WWE with “I have to”, she does re-affirm her love of wrestling and plans to keep doing it for as long as she is able. Though she doesn’t give any details, Paige does indicate that her recovery from her neck issues will take six - seven months, which would put a return in April or May of 2017.

Until then, she plans to be her boyfriend’s “little shadow”.

In the video, you can also see Rodriguez talk about his new gig as El Presidente of Combate Americas (“the Mexican Dana White”) and watch as the pair joke that Paige is under contract with WWE for “39 years”.

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