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Alberto’s stabbing story now focuses on ‘a street fight with a guy who disrespected my girlfriend’

Alberto “El Presidente” Rodriguez really wants the story of his being stabbed on Sat., Oct. 1 in San Antonio to go away. You can tell by the way he answers questions about it.

But - primarily because the answers that we see or are told came from him don’t line up or make a ton of sense - they continue to come.

He recently replied to an inquiry from ESPN about it in much the same way he responded to Taz:

A lot of people are asking me about it. My family was really concerned about this situation because unfortunately they have seen so much stuff out there, especially from the internet, and they don't know what's real and what is not. The reality is that I was involved in a street fight with a guy who disrespected my girlfriend, the female wrestler Paige. I had to do something about it, and everybody knows what happened after.

While the version he’s delivered this week - also seen in the above video from TMZ - sticks to three key points: a drunk man insulted his girlfriend (the suspended WWE Superstar Paige), he stuck up for her and a “street fight” ensued, it’s what he evades answering that stands out.

We still have no police report, despite the early versions of the story involving law enforcement and paramedics. We don’t know why the version allegedly given by Rodriguez to MLW Radio involved driving and/or a car accident. A second story provided to Mexico’s Record was the first mention of Paige being involved, and there she was (accidentally?) struck by the attacker, without other mention of that or how she was “disrespected”.

Throw into the mix a previous incident in Vegas over the Summer where Alberto and Paige also ended up in a contentious incident while out and about, and WWE’s recent assertion that the Total Divas star is currently suspended due to a positive test for an illegal substance, and it’s hard not to give the whole situation some side-eye.

Personally, I try to live and let live as long as no one is hurting anyone, and I’ve attempted to apply that to Paige and Rodriguez - especially since I don’t have any inside information about what they’re really like or going through. But I also know that people making smart choices... even famous ones... don’t find themselves in situations like these on the regular.

Alberto and Paige don’t owe us an explanation for any of this, and it’s unlikely we’ll ever get one for whatever went down in San Antonio two Saturdays ago.

Regardless, I hope they can move past this and stay out of the news for a while. And not just because I’m tired of writing and you’re tired of reading about it.

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