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Sin Cara has signed with Raw’s cruiserweight division (whatever that means)

BREAKING NEWS! If you weren’t watching the Raw pre-show, you may have missed this bombshell...

What does it mean?

In the short term, that he’ll team with Lince Dorado against Tony Nese & Drew Gulak in a cruiserweight tag team.

Long term? Can he no longer play with the “heavyweights”? Did he have to cut weight? Will he move back and forth?

It’s probably good to get some more known quantities in the division, but given how the cruiserweight product as presented on Raw hasn’t grabbed the greater WWE Universe to date, introducing more questions - and a guy pretty firmly established as enhancement talent - probably isn’t going to do much to help the scene get over.

We’ll see. At least they provided some motivation for the match on the pre-show, as well:

Like this move, Cagesiders?

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