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Alberto El Patron set to appear on The Taz Show tomorrow (Oct. 11)

Yesterday, former ECW, WWE and TNA star Taz announced a big guest for the Tues., Oct. 11 edition of his online radio show - Alberto El Patron.

El Patron’s been the focus of a lot of attention over the past week as the result of a stabbing incident which caused him to miss an appearance for AAA without giving them notice. His explanation passed muster with officials for the Mexican promotion, but discrepencies in a couple versions of the story raised eyebrows among wrestling fans.

That, and El Patron’s turbulent past with WWE, would be enough to raise interest in an interview with the Human Suplex Machine. Throw in that the advertisement listed him as “Alberto El Presidente” rather than his current kayfabe name (or past WWE name Del Rio), and things got even more intriguing. Alberto’s been rumored to be taking a role with mixed martial arts promotion Combate Americas, perhaps as an in-story authority figure... and the company is holding an event near Syracuse, New York later this week (Taz is based out of New York City).

So there were already several juicy topics for Taz to explore with the former WWE champ, if El Patron is there to talk about anything other than his work.

But now, there’s also the possibility he could speak on today’s news of a second Wellness Policy suspension for his girlfriend, Paige. El Patron was himself suspended under the policy at the same time she received her 30 day suspension for her first violation.

Or, Paige could accompany him to the show, as she’s been known to do on his media appearances in the past.

The Taz Show just became an appointment listen.

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