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John Cena has a new gig as a pistachio-loving elephant

It’s not just the world of ‘reality’ television, movies and hosting that’s calling John Cena.

It’s also selling snack foods by voicing CGI animals.

The (former) Face That Runs the Place has a new job to add to his increasingly crowded resume, as a pitchman for Wonderful Pistachios. But it’s not Cena who’s hawking the healthy nuts, it’s Ernie the Elephant - who just happens to sound a lot like the 15 time WWE World champ.

Ernie’s not just pro-pistachios, either. He is cutting promos aimed directly at the reigning king of the salty natural snack game - peanuts. Which, as you can see in this second ad, is almost type-casting for a pro wrestler who’s been reading Vince McMahon’s testicle jokes for the last decade-plus.

On the bright side for wrestling fans (at least those of us not firmly entrenched in the non-ironic “Cena sucks” camp), even if this campaign takes off and is a huge hit, stepping into a studio to read a few lines isn’t something that’s going to cut into his WWE schedule, like filming a season of American Grit does.

And, hey, it gives Dean Ambrose something else to make fun of him for.

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