In Defense of WWE’s Injured List

Let me preface this by saying that I'm not actually gleeful that much of WWE's biggest stars are out injured. If anything, this spate of injuries are evidence that WWE needs to seriously rethink its grueling, 300-day, sometimes-two-shows-in-a-day touring schedule.

But, having said that, there are two positives that can come out of the loss of Seth Rollins, John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Cesaro, Randy Orton, Nikki Bella, Sting and Tyson Kidd, as well as the rumoured injuries of Paige and Sasha Banks(despite a cryptic tweet allegedly debunking this): opportunity.

Much has been made about WWE's roster being the sparsest it's been in years but I beg to differ. A few months ago I wrote about WWE Superstars who'd do better on the indies, and my sentiment still stands: why not push those guys? WWE may be at a loss without Cena, Orton etc. on the surface, but they've still got valuable members in the likes of Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owens and the guy they seem intent on making the next Cena, Roman Reigns. There's mid-card/main event crossovers like Sheamus, Rusev and Alberto Del Rio, so why not utilize their talents? And what about Dolph Ziggler and Neville who've been languishing with more ticks in the loss column as they've been used to put other, newer stars over. And what better time could be chosen for the #SocialOutcasts to debut? Chuck in Damien Sandow, the Wyatts, New Day and Titus O'Neil and you've got a bevy of Superstars willing to step up and attempt to fill the shoes left behind by a collective with 58 WWE championships between them.

While Sasha Banks is my favorite wrestler going and I really don't want to see her sidelined, Nikki Bella and Paige and Banks' (potential) absence will perhaps give rise to the #DivasRevolution2.0. We haven't seen Nattie, who has just bounced back from an injury of her own, in a while, and I could always do with more Naomi in addition to Charlotte and Becky Lynch in the Diva's Championship picture. And while I maintain that main roster Superstars and Divas are at a surplus if you look deep enough, now could be the time to call a Diva or two up from NXT. Bayley is embroiled in a new championship feud with Carmella as NXT spoilers would attest but what about Emma, who has already dipped her toes in the main roster and is excelling in her second run in NXT.

These injuries may create opportunities for others in the WWE, but the injured themselves can seize this free time and rehab to reinvent their characters. Imagine how big a babyface Rollins will be when he returns? Perfect for feuding with Roman Reigns or whoever the champion may be at that time. And we're still waiting on that Shield reunion... Cesaro apparently doesn't have the "it factor" but maybe his sidelining will give him the drive Vince McMahon needs to finally be a main event player. Established stars such as Cena, Orton, Bella and, arguably, Bryan may use their returns to slow down their schedules and maybe turn to training younger talent.

These injuries also create space for the rumored arrival of AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson though, frankly, I would prefer to see WWE elevate the talent they've got in an effort to create those main event stars they've apparently been lacking.

Looking at who's left after this mass exodus gives me, as a fan, hope for the future of WWE. I just pray that WWE feels the same.

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