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The REC Awards: Best of 2015

The Queen of Strong Style
The Queen of Strong Style

Well, another year has passed us by. Before we really get into 2016 (which has already turned out to be interesting), let us celebrate the best that the REC Awards had to offer in 2015 with this best-of post.

Please note that everything will be in chronological order, so there will be no jumping around of months and all that jazz. Also, I may not remember the set-up to some of these comments, but I will try my best.

And one final thing. Imgur has been a pain with embedding lately, so if you cannot see the comment screenshots, I will provide an album link. Again, they will be in the same order as they will appear on this post.

Without further ado, let's do this...



That b@$tard Seth Rollins, Part Two: Somebody Get Him, Pride Goeth, and Requiem for the Black Widow - GrecoRomanGuy

The Benefit of SuperCena - RedZephyr

Can a Bray Wyatt vs Undertaker program work for WWE WrestleMania 31? - Vectron44

Why acting made the Attitude Era and broke the Reality Era - Hollywood Chris Hall

Hustle, Loyalty, and Misogyny? - Slater's Gators

From Pittsburgh to Philly: Roman Reigns' Road to WrestleMania - Lordban

An Official Rebuttal to The General’s take on Fast Lane’s Main Event - caseyfiore

#GiveBlackWrestlersAChanceAlso - thegraysonwayne

Why I Still Hate Seth Rollins - ThingsandStuff

Killa Barbie, Blue Pants, and the Quest to Turn Coal into Diamonds: A look at developmental AND Tap or Snap: Breaking Down Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks' instant classic at NXT Takeover: Unstoppable - Vidence

The ABC's of New Day - Zhahnruh

This Is Why We Watch AND Bayley and The Boss - andrewmswift

Let's just turn everyone in WWE heel - ctre6

RAW’s got 99 problems - sheepmask

Meanwhile at the League of Nations AND How the Vince Stole Wrestling - BryanDanielson'sBeard

A Wyatt Family Christmas, or A visit from Sister Abigail - Hasukawa

The annual Cageside Christmas Calendar - lepsaxon


Comments (link to album)

combledore reacts to Daniel Bryan's announcement for the Royal Rumble:

csstew55 has an idea:

Cain A. Knight has a bad joke. Hollywood J Blaq responds:

ThePollux8 has an idea for WWE:

Kevin Dunn (from the time of parody accounts) has an idea. An interesting exchange follows:

theosu reacts to the Royal Rumble backlash:

Joker is the Best in the World 2.0 has the real Rumble result:

Sir Hurley has a story:

TotalScrub reacts to a then-rumor:

suiko so's. Rawuncutnxrated and The Notorious Eddie Mac respond:

Jenzel (Washington) has a marvel idea. Vidence brings him back to reality:

Kevin Kostka has a sad truth that only became sadder as the year progressed:

suiko reacts to a Sheamus rumor that disastrously came true. Others respond:

Zombie Shakespeare marks the downfall of NXT due to Bill DeMott's resignation:

Hollywood J Blaq has an idea that gets some great responses:

Zentrification (happy trails, good man) rips someone regarding the DeMott situation:

Larrymentalboy has a revelation:

Rivan King reacts to the news of Sami Zayn being injured. Brigade17 responds with a prayer:

ThingsandStuff reevaluates Seth Rollins:

DSmithImages and others react to WrestleMania's great main event:

Raging Jericholic sums up WrestleMania with a GIF:

Von Krieger responds to a quote about Sami Zayn:

Kagami makes a great comparison. Zentrification and The 984 respond:

Kagami also had a sad truth about Daniel Bryan:

unknowngordon has (false) hope. Raging Jericholic responds:

nymgb44 reacts to the result of the King of the Ring revival. The Five Count responds:

suiko does some editing. Brigade17 and GrecoRomanGuy respond:

Flyin' Ryan reacts to Samoa Joe's NXT debut:

Flashking reacts to Seth Rollins inheriting the Pedigree. Sandow's Superior does his thing:

South of Heaven reacts to Kevin Owens' promotion to the main roster. LadyBlack responds:

shaqustewart93 has a belief that did come true:

Former SmackDown head writer alexdgreenfield gives his input to CSS Creative:

Geno Mrosko laughs at backlash to his original Elimination Chamber match of the night poll. People respond:

Magnus Magnolius (now Vic Zanzibar) uses an interesting choice of words while reacting to an Uso rumor. Others run with it:

deanasman69, Zak23, and LadyBlack react to a different form of X-Pac Heat:

Flashking has an idea:

Tonya Rodgers has a....point:

C-Note86 hits on Brock Lesnar's luck with live crowds during his rage. Jumpin' Jehosophat responds with some truth:

Iowa Whovian looks at Destination America's TV line-up:

Zombie Shakespeare has a sad truth:

kdotj24 has an idea out of boredom. Bork Lazer and mrsocko react until a shocking moment ensues:

akenson rants on those who would judge Kevin Owens on his weight:

Jenzel (Washington) brings the ether:

Vidence has a command:

thisisjustaride does some spoiling:

Kyle Decker calls out Sean Rueter. Sean responds with some Russo tactics:

Yourroleandyou reacts to our reaction of Asuka's debut:

Flashking has a brutal truth:

Paul Crewe reacts to Rusev teaming with The New Day. Responses follow with an interesting choice of words:

Rivan King has an idea for Goldust that did come true:

Frfly has an idea. Verklemptomaniac responds with some deductions:

ThingsandStuff expresses confusion:

Huglife expresses the collective feeling of every WWE fan:

Yourroleandyou has some confusion:

innocent1 reacts to a rumor:

My Big Mouth reacts to some comments from Stone Cold Steve Austin:

Cain A. Knight reacts to a Daniel Bryan rumor:

BrianMyers imagines a review of New Day Party Services:

Zentrification and Larrymentalboy discuss the supernatural in WWE. Trout Jefferson catches an odd moment in the exchange:

Christopher Novak reacts to Raw's disastrous ratings. PeterOwen00 has the perfect reply:

Brigade17 shares something more entertaining than Raw:

Tonya Rodgers lets her displeasure be known. Roy Latham died... responds:

The Jenzelbot gets drunk:

Kane's #1 Director of Operations Mug has a way to improve Raw:

Naz Habib has a highlight from Takeover: London. Vidence and TMadeBurner respond:

And to end this on a light note, ReverendKain reacts to the ending of a national nightmare when Jack Swagger finally defeated his nemesis, Rusev:


That is it for this look back at the best of 2015. Thanks to everyone who contributed over the past year, and let's keep it up for 2016!

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