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Report: Alberto Del Rio dealing with lower back injury


When the news hit yesterday that Sheamus was placed in a cast for arm tendonitis, word was that there was yet another Superstar with an injury we'd learn about soon.

According to PWInsider, that Superstar is none other than Alberto Del Rio. The Mexican wrestler is apparently suffering for a lower back issue that caused him to work Raw on Monday, January 25 in a non-physical role and miss SmackDown entirely.

Del Rio was involved in Sunday's Royal Rumble pay-per-view (PPV) in several ways - working a one-on-one match with Kalisto, taking part in the League of Nations beatdown of then-WWE champ Roman Reigns and finally working as an official participant in the Rumble itself. Seems reasonable to assume that the injury either occurred or flared up in Orlando.

Since returning to the company last Fall at October's Hell in a Cell, Del Rio has been featured both as United States champion and in the new stable. That faction, League of Nations, has had rotten luck, with 75% of its membership dealing with some kind of injury (and Rusev at the center of political drama).

We'll keep our eyes out to see if Alberto works his scheduled house show dates this weekend in Tennessee and Mississippi, and listen for any official word from WWE about his situation.

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