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Pentagon Jr. perfectly explains why fans love Lucha Underground

El Rey Network

Lucha Underground, El Rey Network's take on a pro wrestling show, becoming a realistic competitor to WWE is probably a pipe dream, and at the very least a long way away. But if they keep hustling for press the way they've done in advance of tonight's season two premiere, I wouldn't rule it out completely.

Marketing is only part of the reason why there's such buzz among wrestling fans for the new season, which hits El Rey at 8PM Eastern tonight. Different viewers will mention different things about the show; it really is groundbreaking in how it takes parts of different pop culture genres and forms to create a wrestling promotion unlike anything we've seen before.

But pretty much everyone I've ever discussed the show with will at some point mention how every match and scene matter, how every twist and turn is justified by something that came before and time is taken to provide reasons for each action.

It's a point one of season one's breakout stars, Pentagon Jr. brought up in his interview with Rolling Stone as part of El Rey's marketing blitz:

There's more than just the wrestling to every character. Every luchador in Lucha Underground has a strong motive, and there's a story behind them. That fuels them when they step into the ring. They fight with an intensity and with a purpose. The fact that the public can follow all the storylines, they enjoy it more. They know there's a purpose behind it. They're not just fighting for the sake of fighting. There's something actually fueling the conflict. It's something that's very specific to Lucha Underground - you don't get the same caliber of stories in other companies.

Check out the whole interview. He talks more about his background, what attracted him to the show, if he'd consider a WWE offer and more.

Plus, what else are you going to do while killing time waiting to find out what Pentagon and Vampiro have been up to since we last saw them?

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