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TNA Impact Preview (January 26, 2016): Meet the Iconic Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy's Twitter

With the big time title change in WWE two nights ago, it could be easy to forget that TNA also had a big title change themselves last week. (Their new champ is surprisingly 5 years younger than the new WWE champ.) Last week, in a career vs. title Last Man Standing match again then champion Ethan Carter III, Matt Hardy went rudo, aligned himself with EC3's ex-bodyguard Tyrus, and embraced his brutal side to win himself the TNA title.

Then he went on a sweet Twitter rant and if you follow him on Twitter, and you may want to consider if you don't, he continued living up to his Iconic Matt Hardy persona.

Tonight, Impact is advertising that he will be on the show, likely to solidify his new attitude. There's no word of the man he took the title from. Carter's been silent on Twitter and there's no word when he will return to our televisions. I am hoping they keep him off TV a week or two to sell the injuries that kept him down for the ten count. Matt will have enough issues with his brother, who he hired Tyrus to beat up enough to go to the hospital.

TNA did post a video of EC3 walking out of the arena, refusing help from the referees after last week's match.


The rest of the card:

1) Feast or Fired Briefcase match

I'm going to be totally honest with you and I'll likely preface my review tonight with it: I am not a fan of the Feast or Fired gimmick. It leads to poor booking and weird in match psychology.

If you don't know of this match, here's how it works: There are four briefcases on poles in the four corners of the ring. (Yes, they are on a pole.) Three of the briefcases have a contract for a title match any time: World Title, X Division Title, Tag Team Titles. One has a pink slip, with the person choosing that case getting fired.

I supposed I can make a reason why anyone would put their career on the line. But multiple times during the match, people are fighting for one briefcase when there are one or two corners with no action. Honestly, the match is nothing more than to get to the later bigger reveal of who has what briefcase and who gets canned. They then have the briefcases that act like the Money in the Bank briefcase, which is entertaining enough.

Here is who is in this match: James Storm, Bobby Roode, Bram, Rockstar Spud, Grado, Drew Galloway, Aiden O'Shea, Eli Drake, Jessie Godderz, Robbie E, Eric Young, and Chris Melendez. Here are my possibilities for each category, which some guys fitting into multiple cases.

TNA Title Briefcase: Drew Galloway, Bobby Roode, James Storm, Bram, Eric Young

X Division Title Briefcase: Rockstar Spud, Robbie E, Grado.

Tag Team Briefcase: James Storm, Bobby Roode, Bram, Eric Young, Eli Drake, Jessie Godderz

Fired Briefcase: Grado, Aiden O'Shea, Chris Melendez.

I'm unaware of any expire contracts that could also fit into the "Fired" part.

In the video below, they mention the King of the Mountain Championship briefcase, which could be in lieu of the X Division one. If that is the case, everyone fits into that category.

2) Mandrews vs. DJ Z vs. Tigre Uno for the X Division Title

Yup, this is more random matches that make up the "X Division" nowadays. This division is pretty much a wasteland.

3) Awesome Kong vs. Velvet Sky

The Beautiful People/Doll House feud continues to chug along. Last week, Gail Kim retained her title against Awesome Kong, with some help from the Beautiful People. Likely, Kong is out for revenge.

This feud is played out, especially with Taryn gone from the Doll House and Angelina Love still with child. Hopefully wheels are in motion to move past this pretty soon.

4) Kurt Angle's Farewell Tour

I don't know what the match will be or if it will be a match at all. "Kurt Angle's Farewell Tour" is what is announced on their website. Last week, we learned Angle's final opponent will be Lashley in England. If there's a match tonight, it likely won't be against a high caliber opponent now the the real feud is set.


That's what we have in store for us tonight. TNA Impact airs tonight on PopTV at 9 EST. Who's watching?

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