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GIF: Big E and Jey Uso deliver the spot of the night at WWE Royal Rumble 2016

WWE's Jan. 24 pay-per-view (PPV) had a number of tremendous spots.

There are three that deserve special attention, however.

One, of course, came in the evening's opener. Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose went at it as hardcore as 21st century WWE allows and delivered several "Holy $#!+" type moments within those parameters. The ending was literally a big finish, though, when Ambrose dropped Owens through two tables to retain his Intercontinental title.

In the main event, during a controversial beatdown of then-WWE World Heavyweight champion Roman Reigns, Rusev got the honors of sending the Big Dog out of the match for a half hour with a big splash from the announce table through Reigns and the Spanish announce table.

But for my money, the spot of the night was less flashy but just as impressive. In a fun tag title match between The Usos and The New Day, Jey Uso went to end things by splashing Kofi Kingston from the top rope. Big E had executed a blind tag, however, and caught the flying Uce in mid-air, perfectly over his shoulder to transition into his finisher.

Talk about a Big Ending.

Thanks to Wrestling Giffer and HiItsMeKevin on Tumblr for the GIFs!

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