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WWE Royal Rumble 2016 results: Becky Lynch loses Divas title match, then Sasha Banks comes for Charlotte's belt

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A video package befitting the best story WWE has been telling over the past couple months lead us into the Divas championship match at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view (PPV).

The challenger, Becky Lynch, entered first to a loud response from her adoring fans. The champion, Charlotte, strutted to the ring with her manager and father, Ric Flair as WOOs filled Orlando's Amway Center.

Immediately going nose-to-nose, the women had to be separated by the official for the match to start. Lynch took down Charlotte and immediately went for the arm. A rapid exchange sent the champ to the ropes to demand a break. The action stayed mat-based, with each wrestler working for submissions until the Irishwoman sent the Nature Girl to the floor multiple times.

Where, of course, Flair got involved. He stole a kiss from Becky, who slapped him, but the opening had been created - and Charlotte stepped into it with a clubbing blow from behind to take control. More ground punishment followed, until Lynch got her opponent on her shoulders in an electric chair and a big back drop got the babyface rolling.

A series of counters followed, and Lynch even went for a Figure Four at one point, but multiple suplexes did not put Charlotte away. Fighter off the Dis-Armer, the champ hit a big Spear, but could only get two. Frutstrated, she set Becky up on the top rope, but found herself in another arm submission.

She powered out, but a baseball slide resulted in Charlotte putting her dad on his butt. Ric got right back in the game, and broke up another submission by throwing his jacket on Lynch's head. Becky threw it back and stepped to him, but that let the champ hit a Spear and steal a win.

That wasn't enough however, as Charlotte went at her fallen foe, slamming her face to the mat.

Which brought out The Boss, Sasha Banks. But as the crowd thought she'd rescue Becky, she threw her to the ground. A handslap later, and it looked like the BFFs were back.

But NO. After the champ helped her father through the ropes, Banks hit her finisher on Charlotte and held the butterfly belt high.

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