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WWE Royal Rumble 2016 results: The New Day retain tag titles with their latest win over The Usos

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As we've become accustomed to in the tag division during the reign of The New Day, the tag title match at Royal Rumble began with a promo.

Kofi Kingston called for a moment of silence for Francesca, Xavier Woods' trombone that was broken by Chris Jericho a couple of weeks back. But, lo and behold, that moment turned into a trombone solo when X showed up with Francesca II.

Promising to retain their tag belts, and win the Rumble match - because 2016 is going to be All Gold Everything for The New Day - the trio's signature chant and cheer gave way to The Usos entrance, and we finally had a match.

The teams had a tough act to follow, coming right after a great Last Man Standing Intercontinental title match between Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens.

Jimmy and Kofi started off the latest match in the long history of these two teams, and things got interesting early as the twins used some heel-ish tactics to distract the referee so they could work Kingston over on the floor. Big E found his way into the bout and immediately used his power game to take control. When the former IC champ got in trouble, Xavier hit a big DDT after Jey had driven E into the barricade, then yelled at the announce crew and mocked the crowd when they chanted for more trombone music.

Keeping Jey isolated, the champs were unable to finish him off. Eventually Uso reached his brother for a tag, and a series of Samoan Drops to both New Day members looked like we might get a three count for a title change. Action went back and forth, including Jey being sent into the seats by Kofi, and E spearing Jimmy to the floor from the apron.

Some miscommunication between the champs seemed to put The Usos in the driver's seat, but a blind tag by Big E while Jey focused on finishing Kingston allowed for a sweet spot where a top rope Splash was caught and turned into a Big Ending.

The fans finally got their second trombone recital as the champs celebrated.

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