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You've got to see these allegedly cancelled Wyatt Family shirts

WWE Shop Updates on Twitter

Early this morning, the Twitter account WWE Shop Updates fired off a shirt design without comment. When they got a bunch of shocked responses, they came back with a second image, and reported both were examples of an abandoned line of merchandise designed to seem "hip".

And I can't tell if they're the greatest or worst things I've ever seen:

There's also no telling if these things are real. I'm a new follower of this Twitter, but their past updates seem legit. If they're Photoshops, they're pretty good ones.

And it wouldn't be the first time WWE went, shall we say, overboard in an attempt to get in on a trend like the term "Squad Goals" or the Whip/Nae Nae dance craze. Matching them up with Bray Wyatt and crew, a group that are not only about as far from the culture from which these two fashions, but ostensibly heels, is super-odd.

But everything about the main roster's presentation of the Wyatt Family has pretty much always been a mess.

So, help me out, Cagesiders. What do we make of these?

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