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The REC Awards: January 10 - 23, 2016

It's Royal Rumble Sunday, and tonight should be a VERY interesting evening. However, before we experience a third straight fan revolt, let us check out the best that the last two weeks have brought us...

And a note before I get started. I DO realize that Imgur is still being stupid. I will post the album link like I have been, but I am also going to try to look for a new image hosting service for the next REC Award post. I do apologize for the inconvenience, but Imgur was always the best for this. If anyone knows of a really good image hosting service, please let me know in the comments.



Vince McMahon's Last Regional Takeover - Toby Wachter

Too Sweet Me: A History of Bullet Club in Five Parts - ReverendKain

What’s in a Belt? - ThingsandStuff

Kevin Owens and the Beer City: How he earned that pop at NXT Milwaukee - hotshotrobot

NXT Chicago Review - kazmat

What surprised me about Lucha Underground - Bringer of Fortune

So You Want to Stay in WWE? Social Media and You (Part 2) - The Amazing A-hole

How Lucha Underground solves the kayfabe problem - frazerwilson

Roman Reigns is not Stone Cold: Why The Authority angle isn't working - BlackjackXXI


Comments (Link to album)

First, Jomosensual, Kane's #1 Director of Operations Mug, and others praise Becky Lynch

Vidence, Huglife, and others praise Becky Lynch again

Cactus Love reacts to Austin Aries signing with WWE. drock1331, looch_vs_wild, and others speculate on names


ItsNeverLupus has a truth:

Zhahnruh and nick.gourley.5 react to Austin Aries trying to take Baron Corbin's job:

BreakingBattman has a great idea, and Otis C. follows it up:

JimmyV723 reacts to the Josh Bredl idiocy:

tkatt00 has the Royal Rumble Final Four figured out:

ChrisVannini reacts to a Scott Hall comment:

hitmen99 reacts to Matt Hardy winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship:

SelasDray has a bad pun for a bad botch:

The Beast Incarnate reacts to Adam Rose appearing on NXT. ReverendKain responds appropriately:

Plan R needs a sign idea, and ReverendKain responds:

RamJam898 integrates math into wrestling:

Jomosensual speaks truth:

Excellent Eddie makes some Royal Rumble predictions, but catches a few mistakes. Von Krieger prepares for some punishment:

aPikachu reacts to a Brock Lesnar rumor. Jomosensual, Kane's...Mug, and others respond:

The Five Count marks:

Flashking, ThePollux8, and Dr. Evil's Anonymous Henchman have bad Rumble thoughts:

Cain A. Knight appropriately reacts to a rumor:

Kane's...Mug marks out a bit. The Amazing A-hole, NuclearSun, and CMDrunk respond:

WVPiratesFan and CMDrunk realize hell freezing over:

Becky's Goggles reacts to a spoiler:

QuiZahn reacts to Josh Bredl being a dumbass:

Kyle Decker finds a positive thing about the whole Bredl situation:

My Big Mouth catches an issue with Bredl. Decentman Purple responds:

BlackjackXXI breaks the whole Bredl situation down:

Decentman Purple has a question:

WVPiratesfan wins:

im.escobarlopez wonders about the big NXT surprise. ElMaloNerd has an idea about it:

And finally, ChrisVannini reacts to Roman Reigns being awesome after SmackDown:


And that's it for this REC Awards. Enjoy the annual fan revolt tonight, and see you all next week!

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