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Triple H's 'HUGE surprise' is Austin Aries

This isn't exactly a well-kept secret, and WWE broke the news on their social media accounts. We will discuss some developments that are technically spoiler territory, but we'll warn you before we switch to those.

Triple H promised a 'HUGE surpise' at tonight's NXT taping in Orlando, and about three hours into the night, the time to reveal that surprise was finally upon us.

William Regal introduced A-Double as "one of our biggest international signings" and despite the video during his entrance, was never mentioned by name. Aries did make a point of showing off some merchandise branded with the same logo as his 'Tron, though, so odds are he got the same deal Samoa Joe did on use of his name.

The rest of the post is angle-related, and hasn't been mentioned by WWE in their news releases, so bail out now if you don't want to know.




Aries hadn't quite made it to the ring when he was attacked by noted hater of indy dorks, Baron Corbin.

A full beatdown scene played out, including EMTs, trainers and officials attending to the former Ring of Honor and TNA champion. So it's safe to assume the first angle for the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived will be a feud with the Lone Wolf.

Is that 'HUGE' enough news for you, Cagesiders?

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