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An exclusive look at Rey Mysterio in Lucha Underground season two

Lucha Underground on Instagram

You can feel the excitement, can't you?

We're less than a week away from the return of one of the best shows on television (note the lack of "pro wrestling" as an adjective to describe it). To help us get ready for the return of Lucha Underground, the good folks at El Rey Network have given Cageside Seats the first look at the promo card for the huge star making his debut in season two.

Who's that jumpin' out the sky?

This doesn't look like the family-friendly R-E-Y we last saw in WWE, though.

What badassery do Robert Rodriguez, Chris DeJoseph and the team at LU have in mind for the three-time WWE World champ? What would you like to see Mysterio get involved in now that he's signed to wrestle in Dario Cueto's - or, I guess it's now Catrina's? - Boyle Heights Temple?

Let us know your thoughts and hopes below, Cagesiders. We need something to do to kill time until the Wednesday, Jan. 27 premiere on El Rey.

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