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He hasn't seen it yet, but The Rock is supporting Lucha Underground

Victor Chavez/Getty Images

Richochet is a company man. He's doing whatever he can to help the promotion he works for as Prince Puma, Lucha Underground's first champ and one of their top acts.

Dwayne Johnson is wrestling royalty, one of the biggest stars on the planet and generally presents himself as a great person in whatever he does.

This is the story of what happens when they interact on Twitter.

Being a connected Hollywood insider, of course Rocky knows El Rey founder, writer/director/producer/musician Robert Rodriguez. The two are cut from the same learn-everything-about-anything-you-undertake cloth, and there's probably not a human being alive would couldn't learn something from a conversation between RobRod and the Great One on hustle and self-promotion.

It was probably only a matter of time before the man behind both Machete and Spy Kids chimed in:

This is great free publicity for a show that deserves as many eyeballs on it as it can get. Unfortunately, it also means I'm going to spend the afternoon daydreaming about Johnson starring in a Planet Terror spin-off flick, and tonight fantasy booking an angle between he and Dario Cueto.

Find a way to watch next Wednesday, Jan. 28 when LU returns on El Rey.

Everybody's doing it.

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